Case Study Details

LOCATION: Cleveland, Ohio


Lighting Retrofit Solution Gives Historic Building a Modern Makeover

In late 2011, Medical Mutual of Ohio began to explore a more energy-efficient lighting solution for its headquarters in Cleveland.

“We recognized the impending phase-out of T12 lamps provided an opportunity to choose a more energy-efficient lamp and ballast,” said Don Green, Medical Mutual of Ohio director of building and general services, “We really wanted to improve the lighting environment for employees. We wanted the new solution to have a more soothing effect, with much less glare.”

Another driver for Medical Mutual was the intent to reduce energy consumption, which would help reduce utility/electrical expenses.

The Relight Solution

Despite the initial thought that they would have to install all new fixtures to achieve-energy efficiency, Medical Mutual worked with ECO Engineering to identify retrofit kits as a superior cost and energy savings option.

ECO Engineering specified more than 2,600 Lithonia Lighting® 2RT8R Relight Kits to meet all of the project’s challenges. Each new fixture saves 61 watts compared to the previous fixtures, reducing energy use. And, Medical Mutual was able to maintain the integrity of the old fixture because Relight kits deliver the appearance and efficiency of a modern fixture contained within the housing of the old fixture.

“The kits offered a cost-effective solution. We saved on labor because there was no need to rewire.  The fast installation process also met our needs for minimal disruption to daily operations,” said Green. “Employees would leave work for the day, and would come in the next morning to a newly installed lighting solution.

“Another reason this route was so attractive to us is because we are actually improving the lighting in the workplace.  We provided our employees with a more soothing light that eliminates some of the glare we had with the old T12 direct lighting.”

Additionally, the Relight kit components have a long life expectancy, which helps save on maintenance costs. 

The Results

The Relight retrofit resulted in significant energy-savings both strictly in terms of lighting and the entire building.  ECO Engineering calculated previous fixtures used 1.9 million kilowatt hours, while the new Relight fixtures only use 906,000 kilowatt hours annually.  Furthermore, because of related energy savings and a reduced air conditioning load from cooler lighting, ECO Engineering projects the building’s total annual energy use will decrease from 2.5 million kilowatt hours to 1.2 million kilowatt hours.