Case Study Details

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia


Care-A-Lot Specifies LED Lighting Solution to Enhance Retail Presence

Care-A-Lot – one of the nation’s leading pet supply companies – needed energy-efficient lighting for its new 20,000 square-foot facility. “LED lighting is very appealing to the retail customer,” said Care-A-Lot president Robert Clarke. “It supports a well-merchandised store and creates a much more comfortable shopping environment. It also pays for itself very quickly.”

The lighting design was comprised entirely of integrated controls, LED lighting and T5HO luminaires. “Acuity Brands was the perfect partner for the project because of its wide range of indoor and outdoor products, high quality fixtures, as well as beautiful, decorative fixtures,” said Jake Stevens of Resource Lighting.

ALX LED luminaires were specified for the parking lots, keeping light pollution within property lines and eliminating light pollution into a neighboring residential area. Inside, EVO® LED downlights from Gotham® and I-BEAM® fluorescent high bays from Lithonia Lighting® were installed for increased energy savings and better light distribution throughout the entryway and sales floor.

Because of room sizes and high footcandle level requirements, RT5 volumetric recessed fixtures from Lithonia Lighting span the veterinary exam rooms, kennel rooms, washrooms, offices and restrooms.  This distribution provides optimal lighting to enhance the feel of the environment and a well-lit area that is comfortable for customers and employees alike. Sensor Switch® ceiling and wall controls were installed in all of these rooms to help reduce the amount of energy used when rooms are not in use.

In order to maintain the aesthetic of its large aquarium, Care-A-Lot installed Lithonia Lighting recessed DōM Series LED downlights. The fixtures shield the high-brightness of LED light sources and prevent direct view of the source from any angle. Customers are able to view the aquarium without glare from the light source reflecting off of the tanks.

“The big goal for the project was to design a bright, uniform lighting solution throughout the main shopping floor, inside the specialized veterinary, grooming and office areas, as well as the outside of the building.  I think we did just that,” said Stevens.

Resource Lighting projects Care-A-Lot Pet Supply will save an estimated $5,000 per year in energy costs attributed to lighting compared to typical HID and fluorescent sources.

“We are very impressed; the lighting and the whole store are just beautiful, and the controls technology enhances the solution,” said Clarke. “We will definitely use Acuity Brands products again when we are ready to build our next new store.”