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Acuity Brands solutions feature
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Your warehouse lighting needs are varied, and there is much to consider when specifying those needs. Lighting must comply with codes, use energy efficiently, enable productivity and enhance the working space. Lighting is also one of the biggest energy expenses in your warehouse and can be up to 60% of your electric bill. Traditional HID or fluorescent lighting is a drain on your resources. It wastes energy and requires routine and unexpected maintenance. Traditional lighting also struggles to comply with changing energy codes and affects productivity by providing poor illumination of task areas.

Effective, energy-efficient lighting leads to more money that you can invest in other areas of your business.  The key to an effective, efficient solution is LED warehouse lighting. And when you pair controls with that LED warehouse lighting, you gain additional benefits that will further reduce your total cost of operation.

By installing LED luminaires, you optimize your warehouse lighting, save energy and minimize maintenance. Investing in controls for your LED warehouse lights increases operational savings and also increases the flexibility of your operation. Acuity Brands is your single-source provider of today's most innovative technology to customize efficient and productive workspaces. For nearly a century we have worked with facility managers, owners, specifiers and engineers to integrate lighting and controls solutions into warehouses and other industrial spaces.

Our Solutions

  • LED high bays – Our large selection of LED high bays ensures you’ll have the perfect, energy-saving choice for overhead illumination, no matter how basic or complex your need. Our lower-wattage LED high bays bring energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional warehouse lighting.
  • LED task lighting – We offer a variety of low-profile LED lighting options to illuminate employee work stations, storage areas, loading docks and other task-based areas.
  • Occupancy sensors and daylight sensors – Occupancy sensors help you save energy by turning lights off or dimming them when the space is unoccupied, while daylight sensors make adjustments based on available light.
  • Flexible networked controls – Our controls solutions offer you the ability to manage your lighting through wired/wireless network communication between fixtures, sensors and control stations. You can configure individual fixtures or whole zones as you task tune and program schedules through one interface or app.

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