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In manufacturing, lighting is about more than illumination. Lighting is a resource, a tool to help you run at full capacity and improve your bottom line. So your manufacturing lighting should also promote safety, ensure energy savings, support compliance with building codes, and require minimal maintenance. If you are still using HID or fluorescent high bays, you're wasting valuable time changing bulbs which could result in costly production delays. Who has time for that? We offer a number of options that extend the life of lighting solutions and save in energy consumption. Better-quality illumination enables safer, more efficient operations on the production floor. 

For nearly a century, manufacturers have partnered with Acuity Brands to integrate lighting and controls into their facility operations. We customize solutions specific to your application and maximize your returns. LED manufacturing Lighting Solutions from Acuity Brands, including indoor and outdoor industrial lights, are practically maintenance free and are designed to withstand even the harshest environments so you can keep your production lines going, your employees safe, and your costs low.

Our Solutions

  • Manufacturing facility lighting -LED high bay and task lighting that fully illuminate the factory floor and save you up to 70% energy over traditional manufacturing lighting
  • Heavy duty industrial lighting - LED High Bay luminaires with strong thermal management and rugged, die-cast housings that thrive in unforgiving climates
  • Industrial Exterior Lighting - Multiple LED options including industrial area lighting, industrial flood lights, and wall mounted industrial lights that deliver energy savings and support the safety and security of your building
  • Occupancy sensors and daylight sensors - save energy by turning lights off or dimming them when the space is unoccupied. Use dimming and photocell settings to light only the space you need
  • Flexible network controls - manage your lighting through wired/wireless network communication between fixtures, sensors, and control stations. Configure individual fixtures or whole zones as you task tune and program schedules through one interface or app

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If you’re still using HID or fluorescent high bays, you’re wasting valuable time changing bulbs that can result in costly production delays. Who has time for that? See for yourself as we compare HID to LED high bays during their first two years of operation.


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