Offices for Professional Services

Choose architectural lighting and cutting-edge building controls to help financial services and law firms project an image of confidence and trust.

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Expand the Boundaries of Lighting

Whether you’re renovating a financial services office or constructing a new building for a law firm, the Acuity Brands commercial lighting and controls portfolio provides aesthetics that help reinforce quality and user interfaces simple enough for anyone to operate. We continue to expand the boundaries of lighting for these Class A office spaces with space-utilization applications, submetering software and integration with other building management systems to help you create a profitable and productive office.


Stay on the Cutting Edge

Professional service firms require their office spaces to be professional, elegant, functional and cutting-edge. Acuity Brands is your single-source provider of lighting and building controls that help make your building stand above the rest and your company shine with clients and talent alike.

  • Tunable white technology for improved quality of light
  • Broad portfolio of architectural lighting for any aesthetic
  • IoT application to optimize utilization of meeting spaces
  • Submetering to give precise visibility into energy use

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Commercial Office Applications

Private Office Commercial Lighting
Private Office
Enclosed office spaces where lighting should minimize glare on screens and provide easy, personalized control.
Open Office Commercial Lighting
Open Office
Modular, reconfigurable work areas used for a variety of purposes requiring flexible illumination.                                           
Conference Room - Commercial Lighting
Conference Room
Multi-use meeting spaces requiring multiple layers of light and controls to deliver flexibility to satisfy every use.
Corridors and Stairwells - Commercial Office
Stairwells and Corridors
Small spaces, often paths of egress with regulated illumination and emergency power requirements.                                            
Employee Parking - Commercial Office Lighting
Parking Lots and Garages
Outdoor spaces where new LED lighting can enhance employees’ sense of safety while reducing energy use for building owners.
Lobby - Commercial Office Lighting
Reception areas where lighting can be used to enforce a brand and provide a welcoming staging area for guests and employees.

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