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Assisted Living - Lighting for Senior Care

Design proper illumination to provide the best care in your assisted living facility with leading lighting and controls solutions from Acuity Brands®.


With the wide range of needs present when lighting for senior care in an assisted living facility, trust the quality product offering from Acuity Brands. Our product breadth covers all aspects of your facility- no matter the scale of your project. Whether you are looking to renovate your assisted living facility or your project is a new build, integrate an all-encompassing lighting and controls solution while meeting codes. We have the right lighting for senior care solutions to accommodate needs in each individual environment of your facility to benefit caregivers, residents and guests. The right lighting solution can encourage use of all spaces while creating confidence in residents’ mobility throughout the facility.

Lighting for Senior Care in your Assisted Living Facility

For both new construction and renovation projects, our recommended solutions cover a wide variety of needs from prioritizing resident comfort to addressing code compliance in your assisted living facility. Click on the hotspots below to explore our lighting and lighting control solutions tailored to your facility’s unique applications with residents, caregivers and guests in mind.

Lighting Controls Solutions in your Assisted Living Facility

Our connected and stand-alone controls options give you the ability to meet code requirements throughout the entire facility while achieving energy efficiency. Utilize control systems to keep residents comfortable throughout all hours of the day and create the optimal light levels for each facility space while keeping task lighting accessible for staff.


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Brick front of a high school
nLight® Networked Lighting Controls Platform

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Entry way to high school with stairs
SensorSwitch™ Occupancy and Daylight
Sensing Devices

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Methodik™ Sequence of Operations Tool

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Innovation Tailored to Lighting for Senior Care

Explore our innovative solutions designed to optimize your assisted living facility so that you can provide the best experience for residents and enable staff to work more efficiently.


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UV Disinfection Technology

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Tunable White

Customer Tools

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