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The nConfig mobile app is for quick and easy nLight® controls start-ups. It’s an alternative to using SensorView software for smaller projects and simple programming.

nConfig App — an Alternative to SensorView Software for nLight Controls Start-ups

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Connecting to the nLight zone through the nIO BT, the nConfig app allows for the wireless creation of groups and behaviors for your stand-alone nLight zones using Bluetooth® technology. Whether it's occupancy, daylighting or setting trim levels, the nConfig mobile app is a cost-effective method that simplifies programming and reduces start-up times!


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  • Intuitive user interface for easy programming
  • Simplified nLight device programming to aid in meeting energy code requirements
  • Free app download for Apple® iOS and Google® Android™ operating systems
  • Simple installation with the nIO BT plugging into the nLight daisy-chain, allowing you to program using the nConfig app
  • Additional wiring not required with power coming directly from the nLight bus


Programming nLight Controls Start-ups Is Faster, Easier and More Intuitive
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Use the behavior settings screen to program:
• Device grouping
• Auto, manual and partial-on modes
• Occupancy time delay
• Fixture trim levels
• Photosensor calibration
• Scene creation

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