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The CLAIRITY mobile app provides easy start-up, configuration and modification of nLight® AIR wireless controls.

CLAIR ITY App Makes nLight AIR Start-ups Easy to Program

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The CLAIRITY mobile app allows validated end users (electrical contractors, sales agents or facility maintenance professionals) to start up, configure and troubleshoot nLight® AIR wireless controls from a compatible smartphone or tablet. The CLAIRITY mobile app is optimized for efficient onsite start-up and maintenance activities. It allows you to easily modify the settings and operation of the fixtures, sensors and wall switches, aiding in meeting energy code requirements. For larger installations, multiple users may use the CLAIRITY mobile app simultaneously to reduce onsite time.

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  • Intuitive mobile app for simplified sensor setting changes
  • App provides visual feedback to confirm changes to settings 
  • Secure wireless system is enabled with user verification to keep your information safe
  • CLAIRITY app is compatible with Apple® iOS7+, Google® Android™ KitKat+ and associated devices 
  • Mobile app automatically recognizes fixtures with wireless capability
  • Easy-to-use wireless technology pairs fixtures with wall switches to create various sequences of operation
  • Cloud connected app saves all zoning and configuration settings

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