Acuity Brands continues to expand lighting into new technologies including solid-state LED lighting integrated with digital controls, a full spectrum of LED-based lamps and the development of the ever-growing possibilities of organic LED lighting (OLED).
eldoLED application image
eldoLED is the leading LED driver technology in the lighting industry with superior system performance, innovative features and the widest range of power levels available.
LED Lighting
Our LED lighting solutions help reduce maintenance, reduce energy use and achieve sustainability goals, positively impacting your bottom line.
Low Voltage
Using EMerge™ Alliance standards, Acuity Brands developed the industry’s most comprehensive LED lighting portfolio of dimmable, controllable, low-voltage light fixtures.
Dynamic lighting is complex, but Acuity Brands has made it simple by offering you a complete solution that is easy to install, configure and maintain in mainstream applications.
nLight Air is a wireless lighting control solution that allows you to quickly and confidently finish the job and move on to the next one with fewer devices and no wires.