CLAIRITY™+ Mobile App

One App for Your Lighting Operations

CLAIRITY+ Mobile App

The CLAIRITY+ mobile app is a single app launcher that provides a variety of connected lighting applications for contractors, sales agents or facility maintenance professionals. Within this app are mobile applications from various brands, including SensorSwitch™ (JOT), nLight® (nLight Wired and nLight AIR), and Emergency Lighting Reporting through the STAR application.

Download the CLAIRITY+ App

Please download the CLAIRITY+ Mobile app available for Apple® iOS and Google® Android™ devices.

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SensorSwitch JOT

Wireless pairing of fixtures and controls is accomplished with Just One Touch of a button. The JOT enabled wireless dimming technology allows contractors to install fixtures without running any 0-10V dimming wires.

The JOT enabled wireless system is established with common occupancy-based predefined default settings. The CLAIRITY+ mobile app is only needed for advance features and settings.


  • Selection of behavior zones
  • Daylight harvesting adjustments
  • Microphonics™ adjustments

nLight Wired

The nLight Wired application is a cost-effective method that simplifies programming and reduces start-up times for nLight devices in smaller projects. By connecting to an nLight zone with the nIO BT, this allows for the configuration of nLight Wired devices using Bluetooth® technology.


  • Intuitive user interface for easy programming
  • Simplified nLight wired device programming to aid in meeting energy code requirements
  • Simple installation with the nIO BT plugging into the nLight daisy-chain, allowing you to program using the app
  • Additional wiring not required with power coming directly from the nLight bus

nLight AIR

The nLight AIR application provides easy startup, configuration and modification of nLight® AIR wireless controls. This cloud connected app allows validated end users (electrical contractors, sales agents or facility maintenance professionals) to start up, configure and troubleshoot from a compatible smartphone or tablet.


  • Allows a user to group wireless devices to work together
  • Provides simple application of behaviors and settings to devices in a space
  • Connects devices to a larger network through the nLight ECLYPSE
  • Secures devices to authorized users and saves configuration settings through a cloud connection
  • Supports startup as well as reconfiguration of spaces anytime

STAR – Emergency Lighting Reporting

STAR-enabled emergency equipment provides complete confidence in maintaining life safety code requirements for your emergency lighting. Monthly and annual tests are conducted automatically, and test results are logged and ready for access within the STAR app as needed.

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  • Automatically conducts required monthly and annual tests and logs data for access as needed.
  • Easily know when an issue is encountered and avoid problems before an emergency occurs.
  • Export and e-mail facility testing results for easy documented compliance.