Manufacturing Lighting and Controls

In a manufacturing facility, productivity is everything. Maximize it with our heavy-duty, energy-efficient manufacturing lighting solutions.

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Benefits Beyond Better Illumination

Manufacturing facility lighting is about more than illumination. It should also promote safety, ensure energy savings, support compliance with building codes and require minimal maintenance. If you are still using HID or fluorescent high bays, you're wasting valuable time changing bulbs, which could result in costly production delays. We offer options that can extend the life of your heavy-duty industrial lighting solutions and consume less energy. Better-quality illumination enables safer, more efficient operations on the production floor.


Manufacturing Facility Lighting That Can Maximize Returns

Acuity Brands works with you to customize solutions specific to your application and to maximize your returns. Our LED manufacturing lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor locations are practically maintenance free and are designed to withstand even the harshest environments so you can keep your production lines going, employees safe and costs low.

  • LED high bay and task lighting allowing up to 70% energy savings
  • Wall-mounted industrial lights for tough environments
  • Occupancy and daylight sensors to save energy
  • Flexible network controls for managing your manufacturing lighting
manufacturing facility lighting

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Featured Products

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IBG High Bay

Lithonia Lighting®
The I-BEAM® family of LED high bays from Lithonia Lighting is among the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, with a proven track record of value and performance. This legacy continues with the IBG LED.


Lithonia Lighting®
The JCBL Round LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting® is the affordable LED solution for users who have been hesitant to embrace LED due to cost and, prefer a high bay with the traditional round form factor of HID for ease of installation and retrofit.

PHZ - Phuzion

The Phuzion™ LED luminaire takes high-bay lighting to new levels of lumen output and temperature tolerance. Combining the latest in LED technology with the legendary illuminating dynamics of Holophane's prismatic borosilicate glass, the Phuzion LED high bay delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

PHZL - Phuzion LED

The Phuzion™ PHZL LED high bay is your single LED replacement for up to 1000W HID delivering consistent light levels well beyond traditional lighting and at higher temperatures than other LED high bays.


The Phuzion™ PHS LED high bay is designed to deliver intentional uplighting, creating unprecedented lighting uniformity for an open look and feel you can see.


The Phuzion PHG LED High Bay is ideal for light industrial applications, and is your LED replacement for up to: 400W HID, six lamp T5HO, or to eight T8 fluorescent lamps while cutting energy by 50% or more.


Lithonia Lighting®
General illumination for rough service (vandal-resistant) applications. Ideal for areas that require higher levels of protection from physical assault, while providing proper illumination for safety or security.


For Highways, Interchanges, Ports, Rail yards, Container Yards, Parking Areas, Correctional Facilities, Truck Stops, Treatment Plants, Security Lighting, & Sports Lighting.

Sensor Switch™

Acuity Controls
Sensor Switch offers one of the industry's broadest selections of occupancy sensors and photocell devices. Using digital passive infrared (PIR) detection and Microphonics® technology, sensors accurately respond to occupant behavior.

XPoint™ Wireless

Acuity Controls™
XPoint Wireless technology is a flexible lighting control system that enables users to configure lighting in zones or as individual luminaires, allowing light level adjustment for occupancy, available daylight, wall stations, time of day, BMS integration or critical load shed events.

Space Utilization Application

Acuity Brands
Space utilization application allows building owners and property managers to analyze where occupants spend their time throughout the day, and make data-driven decisions for renovation, space planning, and other expansions.

SiteView™ Energy Meter

Analyze weekly, monthly and yearly energy consumption against the user-configured baseline; at-a-glance views of key performance indicators.


Manufacturing Applications

manufacturing facility lighting

Racks and Loading Dock
Our industrial lighting solutions offer superior performance and reliability, supporting safety and efficiency in loading and unloading areas.

Task Lighting
Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most – to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.
LED lighting and controls solutions can help transform any office space into a brighter, more productive work environment.
Lighting solutions for outdoor industrial applications are key to enhancing safety and security efforts.   
Industrial lighting is more than just high bays. Daylighting, wiring and emergency lighting are integral auxiliary components for any facility.   
Manufacturing Floor
Production downtime impedes efficiency. Our low-maintenance lighting and controls systems can help reduce downtime to keep production lines running.    

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