Food Processing Lighting and Controls

In food processing applications, the right lighting is critical, and your lighting system must be able to endure the tough conditions of those demanding environments.

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Food Processing Lighting That Can Handle the Job

Food processing environments are demanding. High-pressure washdowns. Corrosive cleaning solutions. Steam. Grease and oil. Freezing temperatures. In food and beverage processing, getting the lighting right is essential for success. Our food processing LED lighting solutions can handle it. From splash zones to loading docks, your food processing lighting system must endure tough conditions in challenging environments while consistently contributing to a clean, safe and visually effective workplace. And it must do all this in a cost-effective way.


Tough Environments Demand Tough Lighting Solutions

Acuity Brands offers the best value in food processing lighting through an extensive portfolio of lighting and control products that support a safe and sanitary environment. Our solutions help minimize costs associated with energy and maintenance labor, while helping you meet the stringent environmental and illumination requirements of food processing facilities.

  • Use sensors to increase energy savings and luminaire life.
  • Add network controls for facility-wide lighting management.
  • Optimize with tools for monitoring, system alerts and more.
food processing led lighting, food processing lighting fixtures, food processing lighting

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Featured Products

food processing lighting fixtures

Vantage LED

The Vantage LED luminaire exceeds rigorous demands of food-processing plants and related areas, thanks to its strategic sloped shape and ultra-sleek corrosion-resistant finish that repel water and provide nowhere for food, dirt or debris to hide.


Lithonia Lighting®
Lithonia Lighting FHE LED luminaires are built to withstand the rigors of food processing and cold storage environments, while providing quality lighting options and accurate color rendering (up to 90 CRI) for more natural colors.

FEM LED Linear

Lithonia Lighting®
Specially designed for wet, damp and cold storage locations, the vapor-tight FEM LED luminaire from Lithonia Lighting® withstands rugged environments and is available in 4-foot (L48) and 8-foot (L96) lengths.


Lithonia Lighting®
The VAP LED, sometimes referred to as the Archway™ Passage™, is the only polycarbonate (strong and lightweight), vandal-resistant linear fixture in the marketplace with a refined appearance, wet location listed and up to 129 LPW.


Lithonia Lighting®
Building on our reputation for providing the “best value in lighting”, the DMW2 LED from Lithonia Lighting is the most innovative wet location/vapor-tight luminaire on the market.


Lithonia Lighting®
General illumination for rough service (vandal-resistant) applications. Ideal for areas that require higher levels of protection from physical assault, while providing proper illumination for safety or security.


Lithonia Lighting®
The XWLED is ideal for use where dust, dirt, humidity, moisture and cold temperatures are present. The XWLED cold-weather starts down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and offers the benefits of low-maintenance, energy-saving LED.

XPoint™ Wireless

Acuity Controls™
XPoint Wireless technology is a flexible lighting control system that enables users to configure lighting in zones or as individual luminaires, allowing light level adjustment for occupancy, available daylight, wall stations, time of day, BMS integration or critical load shed events.


Food Processing Applications

food processing lighting fixtures, food processing lighting

Racks and Loading Dock
Our industrial lighting solutions offer superior performance and reliability, supporting safety and efficiency in loading and unloading areas.

Task Lighting
Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most – to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.
LED lighting and controls solutions can help transform any office space into a brighter, more productive work environment.
Lighting solutions for outdoor industrial applications are key to enhancing safety and security efforts.   
Industrial lighting is more than just high bays. Daylighting, wiring and emergency lighting are integral auxiliary components for any facility.   
Production Floor
For demanding industrial lighting applications, our solutions are tough enough to handle any environment, while meeting all food industry regulations.  

A: A typical food processing lighting facility consists of a number of distinct areas. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) classified areas are often the most important: food zones, splash zones and non-food zones. Then you have warehousing, staging and distribution areas, including cold storage and non-conditioned storage areas. Most facilities have hazardous classified areas, and, lastly, all food processing lighting facilities have general indoor and outdoor areas that include offices, lobbies, corridors, loading docks and parking lots.

A: Typical food processing LED lighting applications that are considered “non-food zones” include kitchens, food storage, dry process areas and damp process areas.

A: Food processing lighting fixtures must be able to withstand daily washdowns required to prevent bacteria growth or harborage of other contaminants and must be able to endure the corrosive effects of cleaning solutions. Because some areas of the facility are refrigerated, food processing lighting fixtures must be able to turn on and deliver appropriate light levels in sub-zero temperatures.

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