industrial task lighting

Industrial Task Lighting

 Flexible industrial task light solutions are needed across work spaces where on-task lighting is important to ensure safety, quality and productivity.

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industrial task lighting, industrial task lights

One Trusted Source for Task Lighting and More

In addition to traditional lighting, Acuity Brands has industrial task lighting solutions for employee workstations, storage areas and other spaces that need a low-profile solution. This means you can satisfy all of your lighting needs using a single, trusted source — one that offers a comprehensive selection of luminaires and controls utilizing the latest technology. Our industrial strip lights and other task lighting choices are affordable, versatile and able to meet your requirements.


Ensuring the Right Illumination for the Task

Acuity Brands industrial task lights provide the higher light levels needed to ensure the right illumination for the task at hand. Our LED industrial strip lights offer superior performance and long life, and our integrated controls help boost energy savings.

  • Lightweight, low-profile design stays out of the way.
  • Long-life LEDs ensure uniform light and low maintenance
  • Control options allow greater savings and flexibility
industrial task lighting, industrial task lights

Industrial Lighting Resources

industrial task lights

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Featured Products

industrial task lights, led industrial strip lights


Lithonia Lighting®
The ZL1D LED strip light with its drop lens, provides a clean look for commercial or architectural applications. Intentional uplight helps minimize the cave effect on the ceiling. You get the application versatility of a fluorescent fixture, with the efficiency you expect from LED.

CDS LED Strip Light

Lithonia Lighting®
The CDS LED strip light is designed and priced to be a one-for-one replacement of 1-, 2-, or 4-lamp fluorescent strip lights with up to 9,000 lumens for your retail, warehouse, and office applications.

Petrolux LED Hazardous

For petroleum refineries, ethanol facilities, chemical plants, food processing plants, textile mills, wastewater and water treatment plants, power generation plants, confectionary plants, bakeries and parking garages.

Bantam 2000 LED

Bantam 2000 Series is the perfect fixture for a variety of heavy-duty industrial and low-ceiling height applications. Typical applications for luminaires in the Bantam 2000 Series include mezzanines, parking garages, retail stores and stairwells.

MRSL Strip Light

Lithonia Lighting®
The MRSL LED is a cost-effective, energy-saving, permanent retrofit solution for fluorescent strips. It mounts onto virtually any existing fluorescent channel, replacing T8 and T12 strips, which can save up to 40% on energy costs.


Industrial Lighting Applications

industrial task lights

Racks and Loading Dock
Our industrial lighting solutions offer superior performance and reliability, supporting safety and efficiency in loading and unloading areas.

Industrial lighting is more than just high bays. Daylighting, wiring and emergency lighting are integral auxiliary components for any facility.   
Task Lighting
Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most – to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.
Manufacturing Floor
Production downtime impedes efficiency. Our low-maintenance lighting and controls systems can help reduce downtime to keep production lines running.    
LED lighting and controls solutions can help transform any office space into a brighter, more productive work environment.
Production Floor
For demanding industrial lighting applications, our solutions are tough enough to handle any environment, while meeting all food industry regulations.  
Lighting solutions for outdoor industrial applications are key to enhancing safety and security efforts.   
Cold Storage
Acuity Brands LED cold storage lighting solutions deliver energy and maintenance savings while supporting employee productivity.

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