Racks and Loading Dock Lighting

  Rack and loading dock lighting should aid goals for productivity, safety and savings. Acuity Brands has the reliable, cost-effective lighting solutions you need.

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Better Loading Dock Lighting

Your storage racks and loading docks are key points along your products’ journey. Since moving products efficiently will drive your facility profit, investing in better lighting with lower operating costs can help increase your margin. Acuity Brands is a single-source provider of today’s most innovative lighting and controls technology, offering an extensive portfolio and partnering with building professionals to deliver a cost-effective, safe and productive work space.


Boost Productivity and Profit with LED Lighting

Acuity Brands LED loading dock lights and controls systems are ideal for all industrial loading dock applications. Intended to reduce maintenance and energy costs, these systems provide superior performance to boost productivity and increase profits. Consider the benefits of our loading dock lighting solutions.

  • Savings through reduced routine and unexpected maintenance
  • Easier compliance with ever-changing energy codes
  • Controls tools that evolve as your operation does
  • More effective lighting to aid safety and productivity
loading dock lighting, loading dock lights, led loading dock lights

Industrial Lighting Resources

loading dock lighting

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Featured Products

loading dock lighting, loading dock lights, led loading dock lights

IBG High Bay

Lithonia Lighting®
The I-BEAM® family of LED high bays from Lithonia Lighting is among the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, with a proven track record of value and performance. This legacy continues with the IBG LED.


Lithonia Lighting®
The JCBL Round LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting® is the affordable LED solution for users who have been hesitant to embrace LED due to cost and, prefer a high bay with the traditional round form factor of HID for ease of installation and retrofit.


The Phuzion PHG LED High Bay is ideal for light industrial applications, and is your LED replacement for up to: 400W HID, six lamp T5HO, or to eight T8 fluorescent lamps while cutting energy by 50% or more.


Lithonia Lighting®
The ZL1N LED strip light delivers the look of a traditional low-profile fluorescent strip, but offers features and efficacy beyond conventional technology. Highly efficacious, the ZL1N maximizes savings yet does so without compromising light levels.


Lithonia Lighting®
Building on our reputation for providing the “best value in lighting”, the DMW2 LED from Lithonia Lighting is the most innovative wet location/vapor-tight luminaire on the market.


Lithonia Lighting®
The TWH LED luminaire, now a DesignLights Consortium® qualified product offers a popular, classic appearance.

High Lumen Flood Size 2 - HLF2

Lithonia Lighting®
The Lithonia High Lumen LED Flood Size 2 (HLF2) is capable of replacing 1000W metal halide luminaires while delivering exceptional energy savings.

D-Series Flood Size 2

Lithonia Lighting®
The D-Series LED Floodlight, Size 2, now offers up to 12,600 lumens, with seven unique optical distributions providing a versatile floodlight ideal for area, architectural, landscape, and sign lighting applications.


Industrial Lighting Applications

loading dock lighting, loading dock lights, led loading dock lights

Racks and Loading Dock
Our industrial lighting solutions offer superior performance and reliability, supporting safety and efficiency in loading and unloading areas.

Industrial lighting is more than just high bays. Daylighting, wiring and emergency lighting are integral auxiliary components for any facility.   
Task Lighting
Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most – to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.
Manufacturing Floor
Production downtime impedes efficiency. Our low-maintenance lighting and controls systems can help reduce downtime to keep production lines running.    
LED lighting and controls solutions can help transform any office space into a brighter, more productive work environment.
Production Floor
For demanding industrial lighting applications, our solutions are tough enough to handle any environment, while meeting all food industry regulations.  
Lighting solutions for outdoor industrial applications are key to enhancing safety and security efforts.   
Cold Storage
Acuity Brands LED cold storage lighting solutions deliver energy and maintenance savings while supporting employee productivity.

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