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Gym Lighting Solutions

Flexibility is crucial for gym lighting, which must support a wide range of activities and meet the varying needs of participants and spectators.

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The Many Challenges of Gym Lighting

School gymnasiums present some definite lighting challenges. Obvious ones include high ceilings and high-impact uses. But gyms are often used for much more than athletic activities and sports events. They are frequently multipurpose spaces, serving as auditoriums, assembly halls, cafeterias and even community meeting spaces. Gym lighting needs vary based on the activity: high intensity for a sports event but lower ambient lighting for a ceremony or presentation. Gym lights must be flexible to meet all these different requirements.


Flexible Solutions to Gym Lighting Challenges

While high ceilings in gymnasiums can present challenges in lighting maintenance and associated costs, long-life LED high bays are a natural solution, virtually eliminating the need for maintenance. In addition, LEDs deliver full output without a warm-up delay, and their uniform illumination and easy controllability make them perfect for gym lighting.

Acuity Brands offers LED gym lighting solutions that include:

  • Rugged, flexible, energy-efficient LED gym lights
  • Integrated controls to increase energy savings and vary intensity
  • User-friendly control network for dimming and zoning fixtures
  • Skylights that use daylighting to reduce electric energy use

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Featured Products

gym lights, led gym lighting


Lithonia Lighting®
The I-BEAM® IBH LED luminaire gives even budget-conscious customers a very reliable LED solution. In addition to its low initial cost, the fixture saves up to 60% in energy costs over HID and also costs less to operate than popular fluorescent products - not to mention the maintenance savings! When paired with occupancy sensors, dimming and intuitive controls, you save even more energy and extend the life of the fixture.


Lithonia Lighting®
The I-BEAM IBL LED luminaire represents the best of our LED technologies and our most popular high bay product. The result is a high-performance, quality, configurable LED luminaire that is an ideal one-for-one replacement of conventional high bay systems such as HID and fluorescent. Applications include warehousing, light manufacturing and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights up to 60' and ambient temperatures up to 131°F (55°C).


Lithonia Lighting®
JHBL LED high bay is a high-performance, heavy industrial LED solution designed for unforgiving climates and demanding areas. Designed to maximize thermal performance of the electronics, the completely die-cast luminaire is built to withstand dust, moisture and airborne contaminants to maintain greater light levels. Available with patterned borosilicate glass or impact-resistant acrylic and polycarbonate lens options. The round shape mimics traditional HID from the floor while giving you all the benefits of today's LED technology. Additionally, the JHBL can be customized with innovative Acuity Controls to maximize your savings and increase sustainability.

XPoint Wireless CMRB Sensor

Acuity Controls™
XPoint™ Wireless CMRB occupancy sensor is a relay, occupancy sensor, and photo controller all in one device. The XPA CMRB provides a cost effective solution for highbay applications to provide control, occupancy detection, and daylight harvesting per individual fixture plus the added benefits of intelligent network communication including group control, current monitoring, and driver/lamp outage detection. The XPA CMRB can be quickly installed on any fixture with a standard ½” KO for field or factory installation.

XPoint Wireless Light Controller

Acuity Controls™
The XPoint™ Wireless Light Controller is a relay with 0-10V dimming control and a port for an optional embedded sensor. The Light Controller provides a high performing solution for individual fixture dimming control with all the benefits of intelligent network communication including group control, current monitoring, and driver/ballast outage detection. When needed, the digital port allows for connection of a digital embedded sensor providing occupancy and light level information to the system.

Education Lighting Applications

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Smart lighting solutions can be a valuable tool in the modern classroom — saving energy and enhancing the learning environment.
Lighting solutions that support the multiuse nature of school libraries — from quiet reading to group collaboration — win here.
Corridor & Stairwell
Glare-free lighting with even, shadow-free distribution helps make corridors a comfortable path between classes.              
Gym solutions combine user-friendly controls with efficient but rugged luminaires, able to withstand whatever gets thrown at them.
Luminaires with an integrated control system deliver a flexible solution that can be as simple or dramatic as need be.
Solutions with networked controls that can optimize energy use and easily change effects meet both practical and aesthetic needs.
Total Building Management
Our smart platform leverages the internet of things to unify, control and monitor building systems and analyze performance.
Student housing solutions combine lighting that’s rugged enough to stand the test of time with controls to reduce energy use.
Luminaires and controls designed and certified to operate safely in a wet and warm environment provide the ideal pool solution.

Traditional gym lighting fixtures are either fluorescent or halogen. Usually, there are numerous light fixtures to deliver the brightness needed in these high-ceiling spaces. It’s difficult to reach the fixtures for maintenance, and energy costs are typically high. Using high-efficiency LED lighting reduces energy draw and also minimizes maintenance requirements since LEDs have a very long useful life. For gyms that are multiuse spaces, include easy-to-use controls that can dim the fixtures or even create different effects for assemblies, talent shows, etc.

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