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Classroom Lighting Solutions

Studies indicate the right classroom lighting solutions have the potential to go beyond typical benefits of good lighting and actually aid the learning process.

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Lighting and the Learning Environment

Classroom lighting has the potential to do more than simply brighten a space and improve the ability to see. Research indicates that well-planned classroom lighting solutions may have a positive influence on learning and well-being. And — as we work to make classroom lighting smarter and better for the learning environment — tunable LED lighting, intuitive controls and daylight harvesting are all part of our lesson plan. At Acuity Brands we can provide a networked system of lighting and controls designed to work seamlessly together.


Creating an Ideal Setting with Classroom Lighting

Modern classrooms are continually evolving spaces, and the lighting should be able to adapt to changing needs. In choosing the best lighting for classrooms, important considerations include visual acuity, student comfort, energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and increased flexibility. The best solutions allow lighting to be aligned with activities.

In planning the ideal setting, keep these factors in mind:

  • LED classroom lights use less energy than traditional ones.
  • LED lighting and control solutions can improve visual comfort.
  • Classroom technology can affect lighting requirements.
  • Classroom lighting control stations offer instant flexibility.

classroom lighting, classroom lights

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Featured Products

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BLT nTune

Lithonia Lighting®
Lithonia Lighting® and Acuity Controls™ bring lighting adaptability in an easy-to-use plug & play platform. With simple elegance, nLight delivers dimming and color tuning effects at the touch of a button.


Lithonia Lighting®
The BLTR Series provides quick, easy installation into most existing luminaires. It provides look, feel and performance of a full fixture replacement at a fraction of the cost – reducing installation cost and materials. The BLTR series also provides control options to further enhance your space. Ultimately, it is your best value ambient RELIGHT solution for commercial projects.


Bruno LED’s pure rectangular form has been inspired by minimalist master Mies van der Rohe and created following his philosophy of Less is More. Less adornment. More advancement. Less excess. More excellence.

Cerra 10

A classic design available in LED, the Cerra 10 LED is an architectural suspended luminaire delivering high-quality and visually comfortable illumination.


Lithonia Lighting®
The Grad Linear luminaire offers familiar style, comfortable illumination and seamless integration into lighting systems. The classic rectilinear form factor combines with energy-saving LED and advanced controls to set a new standard for affordable, linear illumination. Ideal for applications such as commercial offices and school classrooms.


Mark Architectural Lighting™
The SLOT LED family combines modern aesthetic elegance with unequalled performance and energy efficiency, design flexibility, seamless controls integration, and the service and support of an industry leader.

LightFlex CCT

LightFlex™ CCT is the industry’s first daylighting system to color-shift cool daylight CCTs to warm through the use of patented remote-phosphor technology. LightFlex™ CCT is perfect for use in shared environments to minimize the color temperature variation between electric and natural light sources as well as application where warm-white light is preferable.

nLight AIR

Acuity Controls™
nLight Air is a secure, high-performance wireless platform designed for integration into various lighting controls applications that seamlessly connect both indoor and outdoor lighting systems to Smart Building Ready solutions.

Education Lighting Applications

classroom lighting, classroom environment

Smart lighting solutions can be a valuable tool in the modern classroom — saving energy and enhancing the learning environment.
Lighting solutions that support the multiuse nature of school libraries — from quiet reading to group collaboration — win here.
Corridor & Stairwell
Glare-free lighting with even, shadow-free distribution helps make corridors a comfortable path between classes.              
Gym solutions combine user-friendly controls with efficient but rugged luminaires, able to withstand whatever gets thrown at them.
Luminaires with an integrated control system deliver a flexible solution that can be as simple or dramatic as need be.
Solutions with networked controls that can optimize energy use and easily change effects meet both practical and aesthetic needs.
Total Building Management
Our smart platform leverages the internet of things to unify, control and monitor building systems and analyze performance.
Student housing solutions combine lighting that’s rugged enough to stand the test of time with controls to reduce energy use.
Luminaires and controls designed and certified to operate safely in a wet and warm environment provide the ideal pool solution.

A: Lighting does more than illuminate a space. Factors such as brightness (or intensity) and the color temperature of the light can actually impact engagement of the students, and even their mood and behavior. Basic considerations include avoiding fixtures with glare or uneven distribution. However, technology advancements make it easy to use lighting as a teaching tool to improve student engagement and proactively affect behavior in a positive way. Check out the information on tunable lighting to learn more!

A: Naturally, you want lighting that is low maintenance and energy efficient, but your list of criteria should not stop there. Since visual comfort is always important in classrooms, glare-free lighting with even distribution is needed. Controllability is also important. In fact, tunable LED lighting, user-friendly controls and daylighting are all valuable tools in modern classroom lighting.

A: The best lighting is lighting that has been chosen based upon the activities done in the space. Basic considerations for all lighting include avoiding fixtures with glare or uneven distribution. However, it’s best to avoid one-size-fits-all lighting for every space in a school. Many different activities are typically done in a K-12 classroom, so the lighting should be adaptable. At the simplest end of the spectrum, include dimming controls. For an ideal environment, choose tunable LED lighting.

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