Office Lobby Lighting

 From a show-stopping custom piece to subdued pendants,
the Acuity Brands lobby lighting solutions meet practically any need.

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office lobby lighting

Set the Stage

Office lobbies may be small spaces, but they set the stage for clients and employees as soon as guests step off the elevator or walk through the doors of your office. Proper lighting can help make the right impression by creating a welcoming, functioning space. From a show-stopping custom piece to subdued pendants, the Acuity Brands lobby lighting solutions meet practically any need. And our simple wall stations and controls are designed to work with our fixtures for greater peace of mind at the front desk.

Make a Statement

A Winona® custom lighting solution can become the centerpiece in a professional services office, while the edgy design of Mark Architectural Lighting™ luminaires can set the stage in a modern office. And customer service centers can benefit from a value-driven Lithonia Lighting® luminaire. Whatever the space, Acuity Brands lobby lights can help make the right impression right from the beginning.

  • Custom fixtures ideal for Class A office lobbies
  • Tunable and dynamic technology for true flexibility
  • Wireless controls that work seamlessly with fixtures
office lobby lighting

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Featured Products

office lobby lighting

Rubik™ LED-Dynamic Grayscale Recessed Luminaire

Rubik™ LED-Dynamic Grayscale Recessed Luminaire
Rubik Grayscale has the look of a mosaic pattern in shades of gray that can be adjusted from subtle to dramatic effect and made to be dynamic without impacting task illumination.

Olessence™ OLED Suspended Linear

Olessence delivers the best of form and function with a thin, contemporary design and superior lighting quality.

Ortwin LED Drums Ceiling Mount

Designed for interior architectural applications requiring a ceiling mounted luminaire that provides a key design element to the overall space.


Juno FlexConnect is a versatile, architectural linear lighting system that allows you to cut LED strips in sections as small as 6" and reconnect them in the field.

L600H Hyperbolic Reflector Trim

The L6 Hyperbolic Reflector Trim provides narrow, medium or wide beam distribution and is compatible with Indy™ LED Luminaires; L-Series, CT-Series and BBD-Series.

nLight® AIR

nLight AIR is a simplified wireless lighting control solution for renovation projects.

Custom Architectural Lighting

There are moments and spaces in life when there are opportunities to be extraordinary — to move beyond what is standard and ordinary. In those moments, choose a custom lighting solution from Acuity Brands!


Commercial Office Applications

office lobby lighting

Private Office
Enclosed office spaces where lighting should minimize glare on screens and provide easy, personalized control.
Open Office
Modular, reconfigurable work areas used for a variety of purposes requiring flexible illumination.                                           
Conference Room
Multi-use meeting spaces requiring multiple layers of light and controls to deliver flexibility to satisfy every use.
Corridors & Stairwells
Small spaces, often paths of egress with regulated illumination and emergency power requirements.                                            
Office Parking
Outdoor spaces where new LED lighting can enhance employees’ sense of safety while reducing energy use for building owners.
office lobby lighting
Reception areas where lighting can be used to enforce a brand and provide a welcoming staging area for guests and employees.

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