Commercial Office Lighting
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The way people work has changed. So have office lighting and controls. Today, solutions support how people work while helping reduce energy and costs.

Office Lighting and Controls Solutions

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Today’s offices require commercial lighting solutions that can adapt to diverse skill sets and space needs. The Acuity Brands broad product portfolio of LED office lighting and controls technologies can support sustainability and employee wellness initiatives, help reinforce your brand to clients and help reduce your energy use and costs.


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Professional Services Offices

Financial services and law firms can help instill trust and support high-performing teams with our vast architectural lighting portfolio and simple controls.

Modern Offices

Creative offices and technology companies look to Acuity Brands for solutions that help support a creative, collaborative environment.

Customer Services Offices

Call centers, insurance offices and other areas with high employee-to-square-footage ratios need office lighting and controls that simply work.

Commercial Office Applications

led lights for office, office lights, led office lighting

office lighting
Private Office
Enclosed office spaces where lighting should minimize glare on screens and provide easy, personalized control.
commercial office lighting
Open Office
Modular, reconfigurable work areas used for a variety of purposes requiring flexible illumination.
led office lighting
Conference Room
Multi-use meeting spaces requiring multiple layers of light and controls to deliver flexibility to satisfy every use.
commercial office lighting
Financing Solutions

Conserve your capital budgets while upgrading to the latest technologies

office lighting
Office Parking
Outdoor spaces where new LED lighting can enhance employees’ sense of safety while reducing energy use for building owners.
commercial office lighting
Reception areas where lighting can be used to enforce a brand and provide a welcoming staging area for guests and employees.

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Commercial Office Resources

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Featured Products

commercial office lighting, office light fixtures, led lights for office

Rubik™ Tunable White - Commercial Office

Rubik™ Tunable White

Mark Architectural Lighting™
Rubik Tunable White allows the light color temperature to be adjusted for optimal occupant comfort and experience.

CANVIS™ OLED Pendant - Commercial Office


CANVIS, whether used as a single luminaire or multiples, it allows the designer the freedom to sculpt and define the shape of a space.

Vellum Quad Pendant

Ideal for modern day work spaces, this luminaire provides performance previously only achieved with traditional linear solutions.

Incito™ Downlight

This square downlight renders a world of unprecedented versatility – tailored to deliver excellent performance coupled with intelligent design.

BLT Low-Profile Recessed

Lithonia Lighting®
Your best-in-value ambient lighting solution for commercial projects with a clean design and shallow fixture-depth for easy installation.

X-Series Low-Profile Basket

The new Indy X-Series LED Low Profile Basket recessed luminaires offer indirect, low-glare, ultra-efficient illumination for today's commercial buildings.

Space Utilization Application

Acuity Brands
Allows property managers to analyze where occupants spend their time in order to make data-driven decisions for renovation and other expansions.

SiteView™ Energy Meter

Analyze weekly, monthly and yearly energy consumption against the user-configured baseline; at-a-glance views of key performance indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial office space is typically segmented into Class A, B and C offices.

  • Class A: These offices often represent the highest quality real estate in their markets and fetch the highest rent. These are generally new offices with modern amenities.
  • Class B: These offices are one step down from Class A. These tend to either be older offices in prime locations or tend to fall outside prime office locations. For example, a Class B office could either be an older property in a downtown location or a newer property but outside the city limits in a suburban location.
  • Class C: These offices are older properties in less desirable locations. Many of these offices may be single-story locations in a strip mall in a less desirable location.

In addition, offices may be segmented into their purpose and general design trends to make it easier for architects, lighting designers and interior decorators to pinpoint trends and solutions.

At Acuity Brands, we categorize offices into the following three segments:

  • Modern Office – We define modern offices as Class A office space that is used by technology companies, life sciences companies and creative industries. While the concepts can vary by industry and by region, modern offices trend towards an open office environment designed for collaboration and co-working and bringing natural elements inside the built environment to stimulate creativity. Office daylighting, then, is very important in a modern office lighting scheme, as is the need for a high degree of controllability in order to personalize office lighting as it evolves throughout the day. To see daylighting in an open office, watch this video:
  • Professional Services – These include law offices, financial services offices and government offices. Professional services offices are generally Class A and B offices and include a private office perimeter with a centralized common space of open offices or cubicles. Professional services office lighting varies from client-facing areas that use lighting as a statement of their brand to open office lighting that minimizes glare on mobile and computer screens.
  • Service Centers – These include contact centers, insurance company offices, data centers and call centers. These service centers feature a high density of employees in a space, so oftentimes the best office lighting solutions for service centers are focused on a rapid ROI and enhancing productivity and focus. Therefore, service center lighting tends to be functional, minimizing eye strain of employees while providing general ambient illumination.
Most office lighting designers will strive for flexibility and good illumination when designing an open office plan. They do this by layering the three different types of light, focusing on ambient and task lighting and including accent lighting where appropriate. This generally produces the best office lighting for these spaces.
Jones Lang LaSalle first coined the concept of $3-$30-$300 as a rule of thumb for utilities, rent, employee costs. In other words, if utilities cost $3 per square foot then rent should run $30 and employee costs would be $300 per square foot. As office lighting and technology deliver more visual and ambient comfort in the workplace, we are starting to affect the $300 employee cost by helping to reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, etc. Click on this link to learn more about lighting impact on office employees:
LED office fixtures have an average expected life of 25 to 35 years or longer. On average, that’s 7,500 to 12,750 days of illumination with practically no maintenance. We know building codes require many common spaces to be lit 24 hours per day so one can reduce office energy costs even further in these spaces by integrating commercial LED fixtures with automated controls that will dim and turn lights off as permitted.

Typically, there are three categories of lighting; ambient, task and accent. Each has a different purpose, and each is important in commercial office lighting design.

  • Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and is often interchangeable with general lighting. Ambient lighting in offices could be achieved with 2x2 troffers, pendants or sconces. Acuity Brands luminaires utilizing advanced technology can deliver ambient lighting in offices with unprecedented uniformity and with varying ratios of uplight and downlight. Ambient lighting in an open office tends to be volumetric, requiring a lot of energy, so it’s a good idea to pair ambient lighting in open offices with automated controls to minimize energy consumption.
  • Task lighting supports the performance of specific tasks by delivering a narrow distribution of light to a specific workplace, like a desk or whiteboard. While many fixtures can support task lighting with their narrow distributions, task lighting in offices is often achieved with downlights, track lights and pendants.
  • Accent lighting is popular in office lighting design. It adds drama to a space to highlight awards, art or specific architectural features in an office.
o Yes! Building codes have specific requirements for stairwells, as they act as paths of egress in an emergency. These regulations often extend to certain corridors and hallways as well. But complying with these regulations doesn’t mean you don’t have control over the lighting and control of these spaces. Office building owners can save on their energy costs in these spaces that must provide 24/7 illumination by using LED stairwell fixtures and automated controls that can reduce light levels to their minimum when no one is occupying the space and immediately turn them to full bright when someone enters the stairwell. Office stairwell lighting should also include reliable battery backup, such as Power Sentry® products, which provide power to fixtures in the event of a power outage for up to 90 minutes or more, as required by code.
  • In terms of the lighting, typically nothing. However, ownership of a building will often include the parking structure or parking lot and thus property owners are typically interested in our wide variety of office parking lighting solutions. Additionally, given the 24/7 operation associated with usage, using the right technology for office parking lighting can help office building owners save up to thousands of dollars in energy costs every year and, therefore, become vital to an office building’s operational efficiency.
  • o Parking garages and parking lots for offices can be tricky; you need the lights to be bright enough to help ensure the safety and security of employees, but you also want to control your energy output and costs. Acuity Brands has parking lot lights with integrated photocells, allowing for dusk-to-dawn fixture control – no more need for manual adjustment! Additionally, our LED fixtures help eliminate hot spots and provide a greater quality of light. Check out this video for an illustration of how using advanced controls in an office parking garage can help minimize energy usage and therefore minimize costs. This video illustrates how LED lighting and automated controls can be used to help minimize energy use in a parking lot, while still supporting a safe and secure environment.
  • First, outdoor lighting in office buildings often has a direct correlation with a tenant’s sense of the safety and security of their property. Tenants may feel safer with outdoor lighting that provides sufficient illumination without pools of light that make it difficult to see into the darkness.
  • Second, an energy-efficient office outdoor lighting system can help lower an office building’s operating costs, in energy and maintenance, so in triple-net-lease situations, LED outdoor lighting and controls can directly benefit an office building tenant. Acuity Brands offers a wide variety of motion-activated floodlights, bollards, wall packs, spotlights, and wet- and damp-location-rated recessed fixtures, making us your single-source provider for office outdoor lighting. These energy-efficient, integrated LED products come in a variety of weather and vandal-resistant finishes, lumen packages and color temperatures, making them ideal for practically any outdoor need.