Lithonia Lighting® LED Recessed Speaker Light
with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Music to your ears – literally.

Providing Bright Light and Great-Quality Sound in One!

Discover one of the first LED speaker downlight luminaires that can be easily retrofit into existing 6" recessed cans or installed in new construction.

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Perfect Marriage of Light and Sound

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Key Features

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Quality Light and Sound

Lights up a room and plays music for the entire family; delivers up to 730 brilliant lumens; available in 3 color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.
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Function and Flexibility

Dims down to 10% using most incandescent dimmers and charges the speaker when dimmed all the way down.
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Easy Installation

Designed for wet locations, making outdoor and bathroom applications a cinch.
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Great Looks and Simple to Use

Ready in 4 easy steps: pair to master unit, sync additional units, install and play! Works with Amazon Echo.
Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Connects easily with Amazon Alexa devices

Compatible with music streaming apps, the speaker light can be effortlessly paired with your smartphone, tablet, computer or other music-playing devices enabled with Bluetooth technology. An internal lithium-ion battery is included for up to six hours of play time without the light being on.
Easy to install in 4 simple steps
Install - step1
Pair first speaker light (MASTER) to your Bluetooth wireless technology enabled device prior to installation.
Install - step2
Sync additional (SATELLITE) units (up to 7) to MASTER unit prior to installation.
Install - step3
Disconnect power at the circuit breaker; then install to recessed housing.
Install - step4
Reconnect power at circuit breaker, use light as usual, and enjoy music from any streaming service you like.
Music and Light for every occasion
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