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TL900 Lamp

Trac 12™ 3,5,10W Xenon Wedge Base Lamp

T3-1/4 xenon wedge base lamps are compatible with Juno® Trac 12™ TL201 Series and TL202 Series wedge base lampholders. 12V clear lamps are available in 3W, 5W, or 10W; 24V frosted lamps are available in 5W or 10W. Available in a range of lumen ratings from 15 to 91 lumens.


  • Application Type : Automotive and Parking, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Offices and Banks, Religious, Residential, Retail, Sports and Recreation
  • Brand Name : Juno
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Light Source : Incandescent
  • Product Type : Lamp
  • Series : TL900