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Lighting Controls

Acuity Brands offers multi-layered lighting control solutions ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated systems used to manage entire buildings and campuses. Our integrated lighting controls product portfolio includes occupancy and photosensors, panels, switches, fixture-level, outdoor and wireless lighting controls.

Lighting Control & Design (LC&D) offers practical hardware and software solutions ranging from switching and dimming relay panels and fixture modules to versatile floor plan software and building automation interfaces.
Synergy Lighting Controls is a leading provider of advanced lighting control systems, including architectural dimming, switching, intelligent ballast control, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting.
ROAM enables proactive problem identification, resolves streetlight issues efficiently, minimizes citizen complaints, and remotely reports operating data accurately and efficiently.
Sensor Switch
Sensor Switch offers one of the industry’s broadest selection of occupancy sensors and photocell devices. Its products help cost-effectively manage energy consumption across a wide range of applications.
Dark to Light
Dark to Light photocontrols save energy and reduce replacement costs. Dark To Light offers a comprehensive set of controls that provide both excellent reliability and accurate light sensing.
Acuity Brands is leading the digital transformation with the integration of advanced LED lighting, daylighting and digital controls. Now, with proven and reliable integrated wireless technology, we are advancing our Smart+Simple options even further.
Axion Controls
Axion Controls delivers a fresh approach to architectural lighting control by creating a focus for applications where traditional sources, digital sources & advanced lighting control intersect.