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XPoint Module

XPoint Module

The XPoint Modules provide all the features of a networked Relay or (0-10V) Dimmer without the panel. Use the XPoint Module to control an individual fixture, a string of fixtures, a 30A circuit or anything in between. Precise control exactly where you need it. Daisy chain up to 128 XPoint Modules from a single port on an XPoint Router. Modules are placed on a string of Cat. 5 cable with RJ45 connectors. Routers come with driver boards that emulate either a relay panel or a dimming panel on the GR 2400 system. The XPoint Modules may be assigned to any one of up to 96 Relay zones and Dimming Modules to any one of up to 16 dimming zones. Program each zone as required. Reprogramming is as simple as remotely accessing the LC&D GR 2400 system. Relays are software selectable normally closed (N/C), normally open (N/O), or "Latching" (no change on power failure). Note: XPoint Modules may only be plugged into an XPoint router bus port.

  • Control any standard ballast-ideal for both new construction and retrofits
  • Fits into a standard 1/2" KO in any fixture or J-box
  • Each Port from an X Point router drives two strings of up to 2000 ft, each string supports up to 64 modules for a total of 128 modules on a router port. (One could think of this as a 4000 ft bus with 128 modules driven from the center of the bus in order to minimize voltage drop since Modules are powered from the router.)
  • Up to 128 modules on each port
  • Dual relay counts as a single module allowing 256 relays per port
  • Dim and DH Modules have inputs for photosensor and occupant sensor (must use specified occupant sensor - each sensor reduces modules on bus by 3)
  • Optional 0-10VDC control for dimmers
  • Relay defaults to software selectable state at loss of bus power or loss of communication with router box (N/O, N/C or Latched)


  • Application Type : Manufacturing, Retail, Sports and Recreation, Warehouses
  • Brand Name : Lighting Controls and Design
  • Environment : Indoor, Outdoor
  • Listings : cUL, ETL, UL
  • Mounting Type : Fixture - Attached, Surface
  • Product Type : Relay
  • Series : XP