Product Details


Reloc Ready Connector

The RELOC® Ready Luminaire (RRL) connectors enables a simple and consistent factory installed option across all ABL luminaire brands. When ordered on a RELOC fixture cable, cord drop, drop cable, power tee; the line side of the connector will be factory attached to all the wire leads except for the ground wire. When ordered with the luminaire, the load side of the connector will be pre-wired based on the appropriate wiring instruction selection.

RRL connector used with Quick Flex, System 820 and One Pass systems. Load side of connector factory attached to luminaire. Refer to luminaire spec sheet for ordering information

  • 4-pole mating connector with push-in terminations allows for simple installation
  • Touch-safe design on both halves, meets UL/CSA requirement
  • Wiping contact design allows safe disconnect under load


  • Application Type : Warehouses
  • Brand Name : Reloc
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Product Type : Modular Wiring
  • Series : RRL