DBP Modular Wiring

OnePass® Distribution Box Primary Modular Wiring

OnePass® by RELOC® is a pre-manufactured plug and play system, its components quickly snap together, significantly reducing time and labor costs at installation.

A modular junction box that allows transition from oversized conductors used in the RELOC Mainrun Cable (RMC) to the RELOC modular wiring system. Available in two sizes, the DBP can be used in an open ceiling, above a hung ceiling, and below a raised floor, including low-profile raised floors.

Power Distribution Box, 20A AMP, Branch circuit wiring


  • Application Type : Retail
  • Brand Name : Reloc
  • Color : Silver
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Listings : UL
  • Product Type : Modular Wiring
  • Series : DBP