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Networked Lighting Controls Platform

Your Site. One System.

Networked lighting controls reduces energy costs, aids in building code compliance, occupant comfort and much more. nLight® is a lighting controls solution that is easy to specify, install, and use that grows with the pace of your business today and tomorrow.

How It Works

nLight® is a sensor-based digital lighting controls solution that offers wired and wireless lighting controls that easily connect luminaires, sensors, and other control devices to create a digital network that is easy to specify, install, and own.



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What Can nLight Do?

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One digital lighting controls platform to aid in code compliance, reduce energy, and enable advanced networked capabilities.

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One digital lighting controls platform with local to networked solutions that can be factory embedded into a broad portfolio of luminaires, further reducing complexity and time to install.

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Building Owner

One digital lighting controls platform designed to create energy efficient spaces scaling from a room to a connected building, across an entire site.


How does nLight have the flexibility to solve your digital lighting control needs?

Learn about the nLight lighting controls system architecture: wired or wireless options, how nLight networks, and software.

Step 1. Local Networked Solutions

Choose a wired or wireless nLight option for a locally networked solution that is appropriate for your application

Step 2. System-Wide Networked Solutions

Add nLight bridges and/or an nLight AIR wireless adapter to the ECLYPSE controller to enable a system-wide networked solution providing advanced features such as global control and programming, building management system integration, time-based control, and more for a building or an entire campus

Step 3. Software + Connected Buildings

  • Add a suite of software and web applications for device configuration, management, visualization, and control
  • Combine with Distech Controls™ to form a unified building automation and digital lighting control solution, creating a smart platform to power your connected building

Features + Benefits by Solution

nLight lighting controls system features and capabilities chart for a one-room local network to a system-wide network.


Your Site. One System.

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Where We Work

nLight makes it easier to implement code-compliant solutions in commercial office, outdoor and industrial applications, by offering a full portfolio of enabled luminaires, sensors, and wall stations.

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Where We Heal

nLight delivers a breadth of products for a complete lighting controls solution from indoor to outdoor, patient comfort to task lighting for employees, and local room controls to system-wide building management integration.

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Where We Learn

nLight offers simple dimming, preset scenes, and color temperature control to deliver dynamic learning environments for students and educators while helping to drive energy savings in educational facilities.

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