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City revitalization is sweeping across North America. We see downtown areas increasing their focus on safety, business, entertainment and sustainability, and on the role that LED street lighting can play in achieving their goals for improvement. 

As cities and towns look for new ways to create an energetic and welcoming environment that attracts more people downtown, attention is turning to the benefits of LED street lighting and smart city lighting. 

Municipalities are upgrading to new dark sky lighting systems with LED fixtures and controls that are effective in reducing crime, accidents and energy consumption while also enhancing the city's aesthetic and dynamic qualities. Improved light levels with LED lighting help with goals related to safety and security. And the long life and energy efficiency of LED street lights can have a significant impact in reducing both maintenance and energy use, thereby lowering overall operational costs for downtown lighting. In addition, they can play an important role as municipalities adopt responsible dark sky lighting ordinances to protect the nighttime environment.

Smart Solutions

Acuity Brands has an extensive selection of LED lighting and control solutions for city streets, and we specialize in smart city street lighting that can provide advanced monitoring, control and data-capturing abilities to enable a broad array of data-driven applications and services. We understand that Wi-Fi street lights, advanced control and monitoring capabilities, and dark sky lighting ordinances are important considerations for today's cities.

Whatever your street lighting need — architectural lighting, decorative LED street lights, period lighting or Wi-Fi street lights — take a close look at our offering. We have helped reinvent hundreds of downtown areas with LED street lighting to positively affect traffic, commerce, security, compliance and aesthetics.

  • Commercial districts
  • Bridges
  • Waterfronts
  • Parks and recreation
  • Bus terminals
  • Parking lots
  • Civic centers

Key Benefits
  • Energy savings – LED street lights can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% compared to traditional sources.
  • Maintenance savings – LED street lights last over five times longer than traditional light sources, eliminating the need to regularly service fixtures.
  • Security – LED street lights heighten visibility, which enhances security for both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Environmental friendliness – LEDs use less energy than traditional light sources while maintaining comparable light levels.
  • Enhanced controls – Compared to traditional light sources, LEDs can be controlled to better manage sky glow, glare and light trespass.
  • Civic vitality – LED street lighting enhances the look of commercial districts and can turn your downtown into a nighttime destination.
Downtown Street Lighting

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