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Relight & Retrofit






Relight & Retrofit Lighting

Relight retrofit kits provide the performance and appearance of a new fixture, but install easily and quickly in existing recessed troffers and parabolics.

If you would like to see a visual difference in your space, couple with energy savings and an environmentally friendly solution, realize that you don't have to live with black-and-white answers. Our fixtures can turn your existing space into vibrant color and help you realize your building's potential.

Fast, simple installation in existing parabolics or lensed troffers.

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Reduced Labor

Reduces Labor

  • One simple quick connect
    Uses existing wiring
  • Never disturb a ceiling tile
    Installs from below
  • No listing or code issues
    UL Classified for static or air handling
Increases Benefits

Increases Benefits

  • Improves quality of light
    Looks and performs like a brand-new fixture
  • Maximizes energy savings
    High efficiencies
  • Reduces maintenance costs
    Fewer electrical components

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste

  • Reduces material disposal
    Uses existing fixture housing
  • Minimizes disruption in occupancy of the space
    Fast, easy installation
  • Reduces handling, staging and cleanup
    Job packed