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Industrial Lighting
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Your industrial environments need
advanced solutions that go beyond
illumination. You need lighting and
controls that improve your
operations, and deliver savings
that improve your bottom line.

From manufacturing plants to warehouses, from food processing facilities to cold-storage areas, industrial settings need advanced lighting solutions that go beyond illumination. Industrial lighting must comply with building and energy codes, promote safety and productivity, be easy to maintain, and use energy efficiently.

In a nutshell, you need lighting and controls that improve your operations while delivering savings that improve your bottom line.

In many cases, industrial lighting must be able to thrive in harsh environments whether it’s extreme heat, extreme cold, splash zones or a combination. Acuity Brands is your single-source provider of the most innovative lighting technologies for use in any kind of condition, no matter how extreme. We offer industrial lighting products and services that deliver real results, helping you maintain a facility that is cost effective, safe and productive.

Our industrial lighting solutions include everything you will need—high bays, low bays and mid bays as well as office and task lighting, daylighting, emergency lights and outdoor fixtures. Optimize your space by starting with LED industrial lighting to save energy and reduce maintenance.

The addition of sensors and controls will boost efficiency, increase luminaire life, minimize maintenance and aid with code compliance. As you invest more in sensors, automated networked controls and building management system integration, you gain additional benefits that reduce your total cost of operation.

Acuity Brands understands the challenges of industrial lighting because we have manufacturing and distribution warehouses all over the world where we must face some of the same pressures you face. We also know that getting the most from your lighting means more money left for you to invest in your business.

For nearly a century, industrial facility managers, owners, specifiers and engineers have partnered with us to integrate lighting and controls into warehouses, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities and more. Today we have the latest in industrial LED lighting and controls to ensure savings, operational efficiency, flexibility and visual comfort.


Flexible Solutions, Efficient Lighting

Acuity Brands can satisfy the needs of the most challenging industrial applications 
while providing more efficient solutions with the flexibility to evolve as those needs change


Industry Insights

The Lithonia Lighting®  I-BEAM® IBG LED High Bay

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With a widest options available on the market, the IBG ensures you only pay for the features you value.

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April 18, 2016

IIoT holds enormous potential for improving
operational efficiency in factories and ware-
houses. As the industrial lighting business
moves decidedly towards digital LED-based
solutions, there is a strong case building
for the lighting system to serve as a
major component of an IIoT scheme.

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