Industrial Lighting
& Controls

Your industrial environments need
advanced solutions that go beyond
illumination. You need lighting and
controls that improve your
operations, and deliver savings
that improve your bottom line.

Flexible Solutions, Efficient Lighting

Acuity Brands can satisfy the needs of the most challenging industrial applications 
while providing more efficient solutions with the flexibility to evolve as those needs change


Industry Insights


Hit Your Production
Targets with the
Right Lighting System



Justin Moon

Director of Industrial Vertical Marketing, Acuity Brands


Learn how the right lighting
solution minimizes downtime
and helps you meet your
production targets.


November 30, 2016

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LED High Bays that Work as Hard as You
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News & Events

Illuminating the Path to IIOT

April 18, 2016

IIoT holds enormous potential for improving
operational efficiency in factories and ware-
houses. As the industrial lighting business
moves decidedly towards digital LED-based
solutions, there is a strong case building
for the lighting system to serve as a
major component of an IIoT scheme.

Shedding Light on
Warehouse Savings

Educational Article
October, 2016
Author: Justin Moon

Lighting Trends in Food Processing and Other Manufacturing Facilities
On Demand Webinar
June 8, 2016
Speaker: Justin Moon

Customers are The Key
Source in LED Innovation

Educational Article
Author: Justin Moon

On Demand Webinar: Cut Your Warehouse Electric Bill by 80%
On Demand Webinar
June 8, 2016
Speaker: Justin Moon