Medical Office Lighting - Acuity Brands

Medical Practice
& Offices

Medical clinics, physician offices,
and dental practices deliver care
in unique and individualized
settings. Lighting should enable
each task while enhancing the
designed environment.
Clinics & Physician Offices
For standalone urgent and emergency care, freestanding physician offices, or medical office buildings (MOBs), smart and simple lighting solutions enable care to be delivered in convenient settings.

  • Visual observation is an important diagnostic tool for physicians, and effective lighting, with excellent color rendering properties, supports this important task
  • For patient consultation or examination, the ability to vary light levels by task or time of day can improve patient experience and staff performance
  • The inclusion of daylight in indoor settings can help patients feel more comfortable, saving energy in the process

Dental Suites
From the waiting room to the procedure room, patients (young and old) are often anxious when going to the dentist. Soft lighting can complement surroundings designed to comfort and soothe.

  • Lighting should deliver the appropriate intensity for visual tasks, and lighting systems with excellent color-rendering features can help dentists and staff take note of subtle differences in coloring of natural and prosthetic teeth and implants, gums, and other oral and maxillofacial tissues
  • Tunable white lighting can enable dentists to optimize the color temperature of light for color matching (close to daylight) or patient consultation (warmer, soft light


Other Applications