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Save energy, reduce maintenance
costs, improve security camera
performance, these are just a few
ways that Acuity Brands can
enhance the security and
operational costs of your facility.

Lighting for correctional facilities covers a broad range of applications requiring a high level of reliability to ensure that security is maintained. Optimal visibility is critical to daily operations and surveillance cameras. Night-time perimeter security must be maintained both inside and outside the facility both day and night.

Acuity Brands leverages over a century of experience to provide the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of lighting solutions for correctional facilities. Solutions range from indoor high bay luminaires to outdoor high mast solutions that all reduce operating costs while enhancing security and sustainability.  Intelligent control products such as ROAM® controls can provide sophisticated dimming, monitoring and diagnostic features.

  • Large outdoor areas and prison yards
  • Outer facility perimeter & parking
  • Wall-mount building perimeters
  • Access roads and facility access points
  • Indoor common areas and other high bay applications


  • Reduce energy consumption by an average 60% in most applications
  • Reduce operational costs with at least 50% maintenance reduction
  • Greatly enhance base security with reliable operation and improved light
  • Improve sustainability efforts and reduce carbon footprint
  • Enhance security camera operations with superior light and uniformity

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