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Creating “smart cities” requires “intelligent” lighting and controls solutions. Our luminaires from Holophane®  and American Electric Lighting® offer design flexibility with proven advanced optical systems to provide optimal lighting performance with exceptional energy and maintenance savings. Integrating these luminaires with intelligent control systems such as ROAM® and DTL®, Acuity Brands brings you innovative holistic solutions for a variety of applications including Streets & Highways, Ports & Rail, Tunnels & Underpasses, Security, and a variety of Utility applications. Please use this site to learn more about the variety of ways that Acuity Brands can simplify your life through intelligent lighting and control solutions that “simply work”.

Case Studies

Sacramento Airport Lands Utility Funding for HMAO LED Relight
Sacramento International Airport recently raised security and enhanced patron safety through a high mast relight of the airport parking lots. With funding from SMUD, the airport was also able to use 351 Holophane HMAO LED II luminaires to reduce energy savings by over 51% in general parking areas and as much as 77% in the rental car areas. Read the full story for more details.
HMAO LED II Luminaires Allow City of Canton to Improve Driver Safety while Significantly Reducing Operating Costs
The City of Canton, OH recently replaced 37 high mast luminaires (400W) on the Route 62 and I-77 interchange by installing Holophane HMAO™ LED II luminaires. Replacing previous HPS fixtures one-for-one, the city anticipates of 35% energy savings as well as maintenance savings exceeding 50%. These benefits are combined with far superior visibility on the roadway, enhancing driver safety in all weather conditions.

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Improves Security and Cuts Costs by 55% with LED Lighting from Acuity Brands
One of the largest prisons in Indiana, the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility recently reduced energy consumption by 55% by replacing aging HID luminaires with energy saving products from Acuity Brands. The Holophane HMAO LED II and Wallpack LED were combined with AEL Autobahn ATB2 luminaires to improve the quality of the prison yard and perimeter lighting. Bright white light enhances security while saving over 50% in energy consumption. Energy and maintenance were also improved indoors where the Holophane Phuzion LED was installed in common areas.

Fort Benning Uses Acuity Brands LED & Controls to Enhance Security and Reduce Energy Costs. Luminaire outages represented the most common complaints when Flint Energies purchased the outdoor power system at Fort Benning, a military training base and home to the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence. Flint Energies had to consider safety and security on the base as well as the range of applications requiring a broad portfolio of luminaires, including roadways and intersections, checkpoints, medical facilities, parking, and tank and motor pools. Based on the results of the luminaire test in the parking lot and committee recommendations, Flint Energies worked with Acuity Brands to provide Fort Benning a total lighting solutions package. Among the 3,500 LED luminaires installed to date, 2,500 are controlled by Acuity Controls’ ROAM® Enterprise state-of-the-art wireless lighting control and monitoring system with a 100,000+ node capacity.
lighting & controls solution for city of west richland
Autobahn luminaires combined with ROAM controls are projected to reduce annual electric consumption by 61 percent. The City of West Richland wanted to upgrade its 1,097 fixture city-owned high pressure sodium (HPS) street lighting system to LED and incorporate a control system to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. The other goals of the project included improving the quality of illumination and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Autobahn luminaires with the ROAM control system are projected to reduce annual electric consumption by 61 percent. The Autobahn LED luminaires also helped the city reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ROAM enabled the City of West Richland to move from a flat rate to a consumption-based tariff at $0.072/kwh, reducing the average cost per kWh by over 26 percent.
Autobahn and washington postlite II led for the city of el paso, texas
American Electric Lighting LED Luminaires Help El Paso Reach Sustainability Goals, Reduce Operating Costs by 67 Percent. The city’s General Services Department worked with Johnson Controls to comply with Texas Senate Bill 898, which mandates that public utilities reduce electric consumption 5 percent each year over the next ten years. Installing the Autobahn LED lighting has the potential to reduce the city’s energy and maintenance costs by 67 percent compared to the operating costs for the previous cobrahead units. The city also installed 1,000 100-watt Washington Postlite II LED luminaires in the downtown area to replace 175-watt metal halide decorative fixtures. The upgrade resulted in a 50 percent reduction in energy and 10 percent increase in light levels.
Holphane high mast led for wv dot
Advanced luminaires yield 5 - to 7- year payback based on maintenance and energy savings. The WVDOT added the HMAO LED units to the approve product list (APL) after conducting a year-long pilot with several systems installed at interchanges near Milton and Charleston. According to Brandi Krofcheck, ITS/Asset Management Engineer, Traffic Engineering Division, WVDOT, the LED system will reduce maintenance by more than 50 percent. The HMAO luminaires use a modular chip design to provide up to 100,000 hours of operating life with virtually no maintenance while significantly reducing energy consumption. Krofcheck estimates the LED luminaires will reduce energy consumption by more than 25 percent compared to the HPS system. The system upgrade cost approximately $2 million and has a projected payback of five to seven years.
contempo and autobahn led for elk grove, ca retrofit
Elk Grove Retrofits HPS with American Electric Lighting® LED System for 60 to 70 Percent Energy Savings. Elk Grove, California officials hoped residents wouldn’t notice the difference after the city upgraded the high pressure sodium lighting fixtures on city streets to an LED system. The city purchased >9,800 LED luminaires from Acuity Brands’ American Electric Lighting® (AEL), to replace HPS fixtures and achieve energy savings of 60 to 70 percent. Werner expects the system to operate 20 years without maintenance compared to five to seven years for the HPS units. Combined energy and maintenance savings are estimated at $400,000 annually. The city invested $3 million to purchase the LED system and $500,000 to install it, which translates into a payback of approximately nine years.
acuity brands provides led solutions to meet the bay bridge tunnel's rigorous demands
The California Department of Transportation decided to install LED lighting in the Yerba Buena Tunnel replacing VHO fluorescent fixtures installed in the tunnel 30 years earlier. The VHO fixtures required time-consuming maintenance every two years, necessitating the expensive closure of traffic lanes inside the tunnel with approximately 270,000 vehicles passing through the Yerba Buena Tunnel daily. The challenge was to identify an LED luminaire that could provide high levels of visibility plus the reliability and long-term performance required of luminaires used in demanding tunnel environments.
autobahn for us highway 101
Autobahn ATB2 light fixtures combined with control system allows WSDOT to slash energy and maintenance costs. WSDOT’s maintenance program funded the lighting retrofit based on anticipated energy and maintenance savings. The department estimates LED technology with dimming controls will save more than $75,000 in maintenance and operating costs over the life of the system (approximately 15 years) compared to standard HPS luminaires. The new technology will also reduce energy consumption by more than 1.7 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.
Autobahn for chula vista, ca
City reduces energy consumption by 45% while minimizing maintenance costs. Chula Vista installed 3,987 70-watt ATBO Series lighting fixture with 30 LEDs to replace the 150-watt HPS units and 140-watt ATB2 Series lighting fixture with 40 LEDs to replace the 250-watt fixtures. Fixtures were mounted on existing steel, concrete or wooden poles set in the curb along the roadway or mounted on the median, as appropriate. The fixtures provide some back light to support the sidewalks.
hmao led high mast for maine dot 1-295
MaineDOT Cuts Roadway Energy Costs by $135,000 Annually with LED Lighting. The new LED fixtures enable MaineDOT to achieve a visually comfortable, energy-saving solution. Now, each lighting tower costs only $66 per month and can be illuminated throughout the night. The MaineDOT estimates after all 105 towers are upgraded with LED fixtures, the department will save $135,000 annually in energy. With one section completed in Falmouth, the MaineDOT has already received positive feedback from some of the most frequent I-295 travelers. “We are extremely satisfied with the new lighting upgrade,” said Cote. “As a result of the low power consumption of the LEDs, we are now looking to install a LED sequence control lighting system in upstate Maine.”
full cutoff led for fountain city hall
System cuts energy usage 30 percent and reduces maintenance. The LED fixtures, which are “dark sky” compliant, are controlled by a single photo control and lit from dusk until dawn. The Utility Post Top LED reduced energy usage by 30% compared to the high pressure sodium system. The LED fixtures significantly improves the appearance of Fountain's City Hall at night without shining light into the sky.
holophane tear drop led light fixtures for pittsfield, ma
City switches to LED during project, reducing wattage by 47%. While the city began the project with Holophane HID luminaires, once the Holophane Tear Drop LED fixtures became available, city officials changed their plans and began installing the LED units. The Tear Drop LED luminaires are likewise mounted on the 22-foot Columbia Series poles and perform the same as their metal halide counterparts while reaping a 47 percent reduction in wattage. While the city has no maintenance schedule for the lighting system, Collingwood said he expects the Tear Drop LED luminaires to be easy to service since the fixtures are designed for simple disassembly to access the main components. The luminaires are designed for maintenance free operation for 88,000 hours or 20 years.

holophane tear drop led lighting for rothschild, wi
Fixtures add historic flair, reduce maintenance. “The Tear Drop LED fixtures eliminate much of the side glare associated with other lighting systems—even those with shields,” Vergara said. “Yet, they provide the light coverage needed for drivers and pedestrians.” “We anticipate much less maintenance than with the high pressure sodium system,” Vergara said. “The Tear Drop LED fixtures are a beautiful addition to Brown Boulevard, and the simple use of channels on the poles gives us the flexibility we need to add arm accessories in the future.”
autobahn led for gulf power highway 98
American Electric Lighting fixtures help improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. Fixtures are controlled by photocells and illuminated dusk to dawn. Gulf Power will maintain the luminaires and Folsom expects the fixtures to operate at least 10 years without requiring any real maintenance. The Autobahn LED fixtures’ light engine is rated for more than 100,000 hours at 40°C, with the electronic driver rated for 100,000 hours at 25°C. “We’ve received many positive comments regarding the lighting,” Folsom said. “Roadway conditions are significantly improved and help create a safer environment for everyone who uses the highway, including drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.”
glasswerks led for gray's bridge, mn
Minnesota City installs Holophane LED luminaires to light bridge in posh lakeside community. “Fixture installation progressed smoothly,” Smith said. “The lighting system helps us meet our goals by reducing energy consumption by more than 50 percent.”
glasswerks led for yountville, ca
Napa Valley Town installs GlasWerks LED fixtures to reduce energy, bolster safety. “The Town of Yountville is very committed to reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions,” said Graham Wadsworth, P.E., Public Works Director/Town Engineer for the Town of Yountville. “Installing the GlasWerks luminaires has significantly reduced our energy costs because we can use 50-watt LED lamps versus the 70-watt high pressure sodium lamps employed with the previous system.” The GlasWerks fixtures are lit from dusk until dawn and controlled by photocell.  Based on the energy savings resulting from the lighting retrofit, the town is working with Pacific Gas & Electric to decrease its rates, which are based on watts consumed per luminaire. “We have significantly reduced our monthly energy bills for street lighting,” Wadsworth said. “Payback for the fixtures is based on those savings.”

granville led for detroit renovation
"The City of Detroit Downtown Development Authority's recent upgrade from conventional high intensity discharge (HID) lighting to Acuity Brands’ Holophane LED luminaires elevates the look and feel of the Capitol Park and Paradise Valley park and plaza spaces, while providing long-term energy savings to the City" states Malik R. Goodwin, Vice President - Project Management for Detroit Economic Growth Corporation.
granville led for anderson university
LED Lighting Helps Indiana's Anderson University Cut Energy Usage By 40%.The University recently became a model for a new energy efficient lighting system designed to outlast traditional light fixtures and reduce energy consumption by 40 percent. The campus area is now illuminated with new GranVille® LED luminaires. LEDs have a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours compared to 24,000 hours for HPS luminaires. This small campus project will reduce carbon emissions by 17,106 pounds annually. The city will reap approximately $2,200 in energy and maintenance savings yearly.

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