Warehouse and Logistics

Complete Warehouse Lighting Solutions: Save Money. Improve Efficiencies. Evolve Over Time.

Optimizing your warehouse lighting is an opportunity to minimize your costs, reduce maintenance and support future needs and codes. As your trusted single-source provider, only Acuity Brands can deliver complete warehouse lighting solutions – from the parking lot to the racks to the back office. Acuity Brands delivers warehouse lighting solutions that simply work. 

Warehouse & Logistics Solution Brochure

Case Study - Gateway Commerce Center

Warehouse Ready Solution

Ready to optimize your warehouse. Ready to maximize your return.

Traditional warehouse lighting is your largest energy expense. Get ready to change that with the most complete warehouse lighting solution on the market. LED luminaires, networked controls, skylights, modular wiring and emergency lights help deliver savings, improve efficiencies and can evolve with your operations.

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