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Creating the most effective
atmosphere for learning involves
all aspects of the environment.
A complete campus lighting
control solution integrates
seamlessly, and easily, with
lighting and building systems.

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An obvious goal of all educational institutions is to help students become smarter, but another goal should be to make the buildings smarter too. Smart buildings can save big money in energy and effort — precious funds that could be put to better use.

A large portion of your facility budget goes to energy costs, so it often offers the greatest opportunity for savings. For most buildings, HVAC and lighting are the two biggest energy users. Making campus buildings more energy efficient — through campus lighting controls and heating/cooling controls — can have a clear, positive impact on a university’s bottom line.

Energy management strategies implemented through a unified, total building management system can significantly maximize savings. And, when lighting and HVAC controls are able to work together in a space, they can optimize comfort and productivity in addition to energy savings.


As one of the world’s leading providers of lighting and controls, Acuity Brands has a plenitude of products to offer for campus lighting control and increased energy efficiency. But we have the ability to go well beyond that with our total solutions.

Truly smart buildings rely on interactive, configurable technologies that integrate lighting and environmental systems to work together efficiently and harmoniously. Acuity Brands has control systems that can do just that, bringing lighting and HVAC under one common, fully configurable control platform.

Using one open protocol (BACnet/IP), our control systems offer the tremendous advantages of interoperability and scalability. Our comprehensive approach — where lighting and HVAC controls are designed and provided by a single source — ensures that the technologies work seamlessly together.

In addition, our smart-building controls are designed to grow as your buildings grow, adapting to new functionality and innovation. Our systems are always scalable — reducing complexity, time and cost when adding new components — for a future-proof solution.


The Acuity Brands unified approach allows you to manage all of your building systems from one location, and real-time data can help you optimize how energy is used within a space, based on settings such as occupancy-sensing. That’s smart.

When you receive that data from a fully configurable, single graphical interface, you can create custom views and reports to analyze building performance and trends. And, even better, you have the ability to do all this from your smartphone, tablet or PC. That’s really smart.

Imagine a smart campus where lighting and HVAC controls are connected to deliver the optimized environment for student achievement and energy reduction. Imagine easy user interfaces and monitoring capabilities. Imagine a system that creates a positive experience for students, staff and visitors while also supporting your sustainability efforts.

Acuity Brands offers solutions that can exceed your imagination for performance, outcomes and return on investment.