Environment is part of the learning
experience. Lighting in schools
plays an important role. School
lighting systems that deliver easily
controlled, quality lighting have a
positive impact on both teachers
and students.

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Corridor & Stairwell
Glare-free, lighting with even, shadow-free distribution makes corridors a comfortable path between classes. Bulletin boards or student artwork become focal points when lit by asymmetric distribution luminaires. Stairwells must be well-lit for safety. Of course, when corridors or stairwells are not in use, full intensity lighting is not needed. Integrated controls can dim lighting until occupancy is detected - motion or motion and sound - to conserve energy and save money.

  • Lighting that meets code requirements for these traffic areas
  • Sleek and minimalist design with targeted functionality
  • Lighting and controls solution that can yield up to 50% energy savings as compared to traditional lighting
  • Integrated controls that deliver the right amount of light but only when needed

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Chicago-Area School District Lights Up its Learning Environment with LED Luminaires
Spring 2014

Community Consolidated School District 59, in a suburb of Chicago, set out to improve the overall learning environment in its schools. Providing teachers with control of the classroom environment was a top goal of specifying a new lighting and controls system. Energy savings would be a bonus.

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