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Smart solutions deliver beautifully
controlled lighting to address the
unique needs of each space within
the campus. From classroom to
auditorium to corridor, and even
outdoor, you’ll find it here.


Smart but Simple

The right lighting can promote an environment for learning, while smart controls
build systems that perform and are incredibly simple to use.

Good lighting does more than just illuminate. The right lighting in each space creates an environment for learning. It fosters enthusiasm, motivates participation, and drives productivity. Smart controls tie everything together for a system that performs and, best of all, is simple to use.

Industry Insights

Lighting for Pupils: 
The Best Lighting for Your Kid's Classroom

Mom, Dads, Teachers! Put the best lighting into your kid's classroom. Let us help!

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Case Studies & Literature

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Lighting for Pupils: Moms, Dads, Teachers!