Atrius™ Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions from Atrius and Partners

IoT Solutions That Transform Your Business

Integrated solutions from Atrius and Partners combine Atrius platform services and third-party services to deliver custom solutions for your business.


Atrius Retail

Atrius Retail Solution delivers embedded indoor positioning technology within LED luminaires, allowing retailers to enhance shoppers' experiences, improve store operations and gain remarkable business intelligence.

Atrius Office

Atrius Office Solution leverages the new nLight ECLYPSETM lighting controller and nLight sensor network, allowing facility managers and business professionals to gain valuable insight into real-time and historical space usage to enhance space planning, building renovation and employee productivity.

Atrius Airport

Atrius Airport Solution utilizes location-based data to improve traveler and passenger experiences, optimize staff and asset management and enhance parking and security.

Partner Solutions

Leverage the Atrius Sensory Network, Atrius Platform services, APIs and mobile SDKs to create and deploy custom solutions for your customer.

Become an Atrius Partner

Together we develop and deploy custom IoT solutions for your business.