Industrial Lighting and Controls

Industrial Lighting & Controls

Your industrial lighting environments need advanced solutions — lighting and controls that improve operations while delivering savings that impact your bottom line.


Flexible Solutions, Superior Lighting

Acuity Brands can satisfy the needs of the most challenging industrial lighting applications while providing more efficient solutions with the flexibility to evolve as needs change. From manufacturing plants to warehouses, from food processing facilities to cold-storage areas, we offer advanced industrial LED lighting solutions that go beyond illumination.


Manufacturing Lighting and Controls

Lighting is a resource, a tool to help you run at full capacity and improve your bottom line by supporting safety, energy savings, and operational efficiency.

Warehouse Lighting and Controls

There is much to consider when specifying warehouse lighting. It must comply with codes, use energy efficiently, enable productivity and enhance the work space.

Food Processing Lighting and Controls

From grease and oil to high-pressure washdowns, food processing environments are demanding, and getting the lighting right is critical for success.

Industrial Lighting Applications

Racks and Loading Dock
Our industrial lighting solutions offer superior performance and reliability, supporting safety and efficiency in loading and unloading areas.

Industrial lighting is more than just high bays. Daylighting, wiring and emergency lighting are integral auxiliary components for any facility.   
Task Lighting
Industrial task lighting products let you place light where you need it most – to aid safety, quality control and operator productivity.
Manufacturing Floor
Production downtime impedes efficiency. Our low-maintenance lighting and controls systems can help reduce downtime to keep production lines running.    
LED lighting and controls solutions can help transform any office space into a brighter, more productive work environment.
Production Floor
For demanding industrial lighting applications, our solutions are tough enough to handle any environment, while meeting all food industry regulations.  
Lighting solutions for outdoor industrial applications are key to enhancing safety and security efforts.   
cold storage lighting
Cold Storage
Acuity Brands LED cold storage lighting solutions deliver energy and maintenance savings while supporting employee productivity.

Featured Resource


Warehouse Lighting Renovation Delivers Double the Light & Scalable Controls

A warehouse facility recently underwent a total lighting renovation, including upgrading 220 high bays and installing controls for more flexibility.


Industrial Lighting Resources

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Featured Products

IBG High Bay

Lithonia Lighting®
The I-BEAM® family of LED high bays from Lithonia Lighting is among the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, with a proven track record of value and performance. This legacy continues with the IBG LED.

D-Series Area Size 2

Lithonia Lighting®
Using advanced LEDs producing up to 43,000 lumens, the D-Series, Size 2 embodies the definition of power and performance. The D-Series combines the latest in LED technology with a high-performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire.

BLT Series

Lithonia Lighting®
With a clean design, shallow fixture-depth for easy installation, plug-n-play control options and reliability backed by Lithonia Lighting--all at an attractive price--the BLT Series is your best-in-value ambient lighting solution for commercial projects.

XPoint™ Wireless

Acuity Controls™
XPoint Wireless technology is a flexible lighting control system that enables users to configure lighting in zones or as individual luminaires, allowing light level adjustment for occupancy, available daylight, wall stations, time of day, BMS integration or critical load shed events.

PHZ - Phuzion

The Phuzion™ LED luminaire takes high-bay lighting to new levels of lumen output and temperature tolerance. Combining the latest in LED technology with the legendary illuminating dynamics of Holophane's prismatic borosilicate glass, the Phuzion LED high bay delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

SIG - Signature™ Series Skylights

The Sunoptics Signature Series is our highest performing skylight. Through its patented design featuring prismatic optics, Signature Series skylights capture more light at low-light levels than any other passive skylight on the market today.

Space Utilization Application

Acuity Brands
Space utilization application allows building owners and property managers to analyze where occupants spend their time throughout the day, and make data-driven decisions for renovation, space planning, and other expansions.

SiteView™ Energy Meter

Analyze weekly, monthly and yearly energy consumption against the user-configured baseline; at-a-glance views of key performance indicators.


Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial lighting must comply with building and energy codes, promote safety and productivity, be easy to maintain, and use energy efficiently. In a nutshell, you need industrial LED lighting and controls that improve your operations while delivering savings that increase your profits.
In many cases, industrial lighting products must be able to thrive in harsh environments whether it’s extreme heat, extreme cold, splash zones or a combination. Acuity Brands is your single-source provider of the most innovative lighting technologies for use in any kind of condition, no matter how intense. We offer industrial LED lighting products and services that deliver real results, helping you maintain a facility that is cost effective, safe and productive.
Our industrial lighting solutions include everything you will need — high bays, low bays and mid bays as well as office and task lighting, daylighting, emergency lights and outdoor fixtures. Optimize your space by starting with LED industrial lighting to save energy and reduce maintenance.
The addition of sensors and controls will boost efficiency, increase luminaire life, minimize maintenance and aid with code compliance. As you invest more in sensors, automated networked controls and building management system integration, you gain additional benefits that reduce your total cost of operation.