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Closet & Utility

Closet and utility room lighting can be easy to overlook.  However, these are some of the most highly utilized spaces in your home. Well-positioned LED closet lighting or utility room lighting can illuminate corners and eliminate dark shadows, allowing you to locate things more quickly and easily. And, because it’s so easy to forget to turn off closet light fixtures and utility room lights, we have a motion-sensor control option that will turn the light on and off for you.

Our closet and utility solutions include:

  • Closet light fixtures – We offer a variety of LED closet lighting options to ensure the entire closet space is fully illuminated.
  • Laundry room lighting – Our choices for quality LED laundry room lighting fit the needs of this highly utilized space.
  • Utility room lighting – Install our low-cost, high-quality, task lighting to illuminate storage and work areas.  Incorporate controls and a motion sensor to reap energy savings in these spaces.
  • Motion sensors – Lighting with integrated motion sensors will turn on as soon as a space is occupied and turn off when the room is vacant, providing significant energy savings! 

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