Digital Lighting Enables Indoor Positioning & Better Decision Making

Acuity Brands delivers embedded Indoor Positioning technology within wirelessly-controlled LED Luminaires, allowing retailer to save considerable energy and maintenance costs, while driving highly accurate, real-time location of loyal customers, employees & critical assets.

Delivering Personalized Shopping Experiences

»  Order products online and walk into store with it already at front desk, minimizing in-store time and standing in line.
»  Enjoy a personalized user experience within a store through in-store navigation, complementary product recommendations, product comparisons and much more.
»  Receive better customer support, by sending notifications to a store representative like “Please meet me here. I have questions about the coupon for this product.”

Enhancing Operational Efficiency for Retailers

» Allowing store managers to easily train employees, leveraging easy navigation to products in store. 

» Delivering enhanced customer service through BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In-Store)
» Completing daily task quicker, understanding which shelves need to be stocked with product and when shipments of product will reach the warehouse

Obtaining Remarkable Business Intelligence

» Gauging high occupancy areas and add staff when necessary to minimize customer wait times through heatmap features.
» Increase understanding of customer flow in order to leverage strategic product displays and strengthen loyalty with strong brands.
» Increase target sales goals through omnichannel marketing and targeted ad campaigns.

See How Indoor Positioning Systems Is Making Retail Spaces Smarter