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Atrius™ Solution Builder

Rapidly Develop Internet of Things Applications

Rapidly Build Custom User Experiences

internet of things data, iot apps

Atrius Solution Builder is a “drag-and-drop” IoT application development and visualization platform utilized to design custom real-time, data applications and dashboards through the data unlocked from the Atrius Sensory Network and Atrius Platform.

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web based visualization tools,  iot apps, internet of things applications
web based visualization, data applications, drag and drop

Link Various Data

Gain access to all your data sources, onsite or remotely, within a single workspace.

web based visualization, data applications, drag and drop

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Atrius Solution Builder to match client-side architecture and choose from multiple deployment options.

web based visualization, drag and drop, iot apps

Intelligent Design

Fully responsive design ensures that every user interface is automatically optimized for enhanced user experience on any smart device.

data applications, drag and drop, iot apps

Visual Programming

Leverage visual programming technology within Atrius Solution Builder to rapidly build fully responsive interfaces.

data applications, internet of things applications, iot apps

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Together we develop and deploy custom IoT solutions for your business.


What can Atrius do for me?

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Whether you’re a lighting designer, building owner or developer, get a custom assessment of how Atrius IoT solutions and products enabled with Atrius can help you achieve your building and business needs.