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The Atrius IoT platform transforms data readily available from your connected buildings, collected and communicated by the Atrius™-Ready Sensory Network, into distributed, cloud-based software services.

Atrius software services enable the development of mobile and web-based applications and reveal thorough analytics, to drive optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences.

Atrius Software Services
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Featuring SDKs and/or APIs and web-based administration and real-time viewer, our software services enable the development of new applications or integration of location-aware data within your enterprise software and third-party applications.

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Web-based Administration Tool
Atrius Admin

Define and manage configurations and settings, including action zones, venue layouts, beacon attributes, multi-site requirements and user roles.

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Real-time Viewer
Atrius LiveView

Overlay live data onto your venue layout to locate mobile devices, assets, analyze movement paths, monitor asset telemetry information.

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Indoor Positioning
Atrius Navigator - SDK

Enhance mobile applications with accurate wayfinding, point of interest search and location-based interactions.

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Asset Tracking and Management
Atrius Assets - APIs

Optimize workflows, space layouts and equipment utilization, with precise item location, pathing and customizable alert monitoring.

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Contextual Spatial Analytics
Atrius Insights - Web-based Dashboard and APIs

Transforms location-based services into a web-based analytics dashboard, making complex spatial relationships understandable and actionable for your business.

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Space Utilization
Atrius Spaces - Web-based Application and APIs

Analyze and plan for your spatial requirements across building or campus portfolios.

How it Works

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Atrius Navigator
Indoor Positioning
Atrius Assets
Asset Tracking
and Management
Atrius Insights
Spatial Analytics
Atrius Spaces
Space Utilization

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