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Atrius™ Platform

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IoT Services Through the Atrius Platform

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Utilizing the data unlocked from the Atrius Sensory Network, our Atrius IoT platform distributes software services throughout your IoT infrastructure, from the edge to the cloud, revealing new insights into your business. Discover the distributed software services that allow you to develop custom applications and help you scale your business.

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iot infrastructure, iot platform

Atrius Navigator

Highly accurate indoor positioning and mobile wayfinding services to derive precise location and understand how people navigate to product or assets in a space.

internet of things platform, iot infrastructure

Atrius Assets

Combine asset tracking services with Bluetooth®  BLE tags to manage critical equipment and resources for easy, real-time location and status monitoring.

iot platform, internet of things platform

Atrius Spaces

Space utilization services to gain insight into tenant or employee occupancy and usage of space within a physical room, floor or building.

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iot infrastructure, iot platform, internet of things platform

Atrius Insights

Geospatial analytics and visualization services to assess geospatial trends or outliers for quicker, actionable decision making.


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