iot infrastructure, iot platform, internet of things platform

Atrius™ Platform

Making Software Services Available for Business and Development

IoT Services Through the Atrius Platform

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The Atrius IoT platform transforms data readily available in your buildings, collected and communicated by the Atrius Sensory Network, into distributed software services, enabling valuable applications for your business and an improved experience for your customers. Our IoT services are also leveraged by an ecosystem of Atrius Partners to deliver applications tailored to your needs.

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iot infrastructure, iot platform

Atrius Navigator – SDK

Crafting Customer Journeys

Delivers precise indoor positioning (IPS) and location-based services (LBS), enabling applications that redefine customer journeys and enhance business operations.

iot infrastructure, iot platform, internet of things platform

Atrius Insights – Web Application and APIs

Transform Customer Journeys into Business Intelligence

Provides rich visualization of spatial analytics acquired from IPS data to gain understanding of how visitors interact with your space, optimize customer journeys, analyze and predict traffic and behavioral patterns, and improve conversions.

iot platform, internet of things platform

Atrius Spaces – Web Application and APIs

Make Room for Intelligent Data

Transforms occupancy data into accurate insights into your space utilization to efficiently allocate and plan for your spatial requirements — optimizing facility operations, budgeting and life cycle management — across your building or campus portfolio.

internet of things platform, iot infrastructure

Atrius Assets

Combines asset tracking services with Bluetooth® low energy technology tags to manage critical equipment and resources for easy, real-time location and status monitoring.


Become an Atrius Partner

Together we develop and deploy custom IoT solutions for your business.


What can Atrius do for me?

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Whether you’re a lighting designer, building owner or developer, get a custom assessment of how Atrius IoT solutions and products enabled with Atrius can help you achieve your building and business needs.