Atrius™ Office

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IoT Solutions for Commercial Offices

Atrius Office is an integrated IoT office solution, allowing facility managers and property owners to gain valuable insight into real-time and historical space usage to enhance space planning, building renovation and employee productivity.

IoT Office Solutions

Unlocking Remarkable Insights

  • Leverage readily available building data 
  • Enhance operations and improve building lifecycle management 
  • Utilize web applications enabling office management anywhere, anytime
Employee Productivity, Increase Employee Productivity

Connecting Spaces to Employees

  • Encourage employee collaboration and productivity
  • Optimize design based on actual usage, from offices and meeting rooms to collaboration spaces
  • Plan for flexible schedules and employee mobility, and reduce occupancy costs
Increase Productivity

Enabling IoT Office Spaces

  • Choose Atrius™-Ready lighting and energy management solutions enabled to establish the ideal IoT platform in your building
  • Tailor applications connected to Atrius Platform Services to meet your business needs


What Can Atrius Do For Me?


Atrius Office Platform Services

Atrius Spaces

Space utilization services to gain insight into tenant or employee occupancy and use of space within a physical room, floor or building.


Atrius Office Sensory Network


nLight ECLYPSE extends the power of nLight® to deliver the next level of lighting control.


What can Atrius do for me?

atrius solutions

Whether you're a lighting designer, building owner or developer, get a custom assessment of how Atrius IoT solutions and Atrius™-Ready products can help you achieve your building and business needs.