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Visualize the Internet of Things

Atrius Solution Builder is a HTML5, browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) featuring a graphical data-driven toolbox to rapidly build visually rich, interactive web applications and dashboards.

Leveraging data from all your sources into a single visualization platform, you can analyze, monitor and control data and analytics in real-time.


A Single Development and Visualization Platform for All Your Data

Leverage all your data sources in a single, unified development environment and visualization platform. Derive information from the Atrius Sensory Network, Atrius Platform Services, and any database, device or social media platform, or via open source Distributed Services Architecture (DSA). Easily modify what and how data is represented to meet changing demands.
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Maximize Your Productivity
and Develop Faster

No code required
Leverage a drag-and-drop experience utilizing WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools and visual logic programming.

Visually rich and interactive
Customize your applications with provided graphical assets, components and user actions.

Cross-platform applications
Develop once for desktop, tablet and mobile smart devices.

Flexible architecture
Deploy for cloud-hosted, fog and private data centers as well as edge and embedded devices.
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Enhance Your Solutions with a
Differentiated User Experience

Fast Go-to-Market Solution
Rapidly develop customized applications and dashboards enhancing your product offering.

Personalized Solutions
Launch your branded solution to a single site/project or across enterprises with thousands of locations.

Tailored User Experience
Deploy your user experience for cloud, fog, edge and embedded-device applications.

Optimal Viewer Experience
Automatically optimize for desktop, tablet and mobile smart devices through intelligent scaling with responsive layout.

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