IoT for Business and People

Imagine your space transformed — a place where IoT lighting unlocks data, connecting us all on a human level. Beyond better management, the Atrius framework becomes a business builder.


Reveal Brilliant Experiences

We believe the internet of things (IoT) is not just about the things in your spaces, it’s about the people who use your space, revealing the "internet of us."

Unlocking data such as occupancy and location, the Atrius IoT framework connects your users to meeting room reservations, in-store personal assistance, asset management and so much more.

Moreover, the Atrius IoT Platform unlocks a solution for your business and a development environment for partners.

iot technology, IoT Framework

The Atrius Framework Is Brilliant

Over the next few years, millions of lights will be converted to LED technology, and with an average lifespan of more than 10 years, your choice of luminaires carries a long-lasting impact. Luminaires and devices enabled with Atrius from Acuity Brands lay the track for a powerful, connected infrastructure, making it the ideal platform to enable the “internet of us.”

iot network
Right Location
Everywhere there are people, there are lights, indoor and outdoor, creating a consistent grid placement and a sensory network.
iot network
Right Connection
Luminaires enabled with Atrius provide the ubiquity for constant power and continuous connectivity to people in your space.
iot connectivity
Right Time
Luminaires enabled with Atrius deliver scalable, future-proof value for your business now and in the future.

Atrius Framework 

iot connectivity

iot technology, IoT Framework

Atrius Sensory Network

Luminaires and edge devices enabled with Atrius to unlock data for business
Iiot technology, IoT Framework

Atrius Platform

Distributed software services from the edge to the cloud

iot technology, IoT Framework

Atrius Solution Builder

Drag and drop environment to rapidly build custom user experiences
iot technology, IoT Framework

Integrated Solutions

Integrated IoT Solutions from Atrius and Partners for your business

Atrius Resources

Become an Atrius Partner

Together we develop and deploy custom IoT solutions for your business.


What can Atrius do for me?

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Whether you’re a lighting designer, building owner or developer, get a custom assessment of how Atrius IoT solutions and products enabled with Atrius can help you achieve your building and business needs.