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The leader in Internet of Things applications for your building, Atrius IoT solutions enable digital experiences in your space by effortlessly unlocking rich services for developers, businesses and customers.


Leading IoT Solutions for Your Buildings

We provide the unique opportunity to leverage your building by connecting sensors and devices into a digital, location-aware sensory network, unlocking flexible software services in a unified and open building IoT platform. Atrius IoT solutions become your business builder, allowing the development of applications and analytics, driving optimized operations and enhanced customer experiences.

Provide IoT applications for energy management, indoor positioning and location-based services, space utilization and optimization, business intelligence and more.

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Your Building Is a Strategic Asset

Connecting luminaires, controls, sensors and other devices into your digital sensory network, the Atrius IoT solutions represent a breakthrough in scalable, location-aware technology infrastructure. Unlock data readily available from your building to effortlessly reveal software services and deliver IoT applications.

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Right Connection – Embedded power, connectivity, data and location
Luminaires, controls, sensors and other devices, connected in a digital sensory network, provide the power, connectivity, location and building data required to seamlessly combine building, business and IoT technology infrastructures.
iot network
Right Location – Everywhere there are people, there are lights
Leveraging the ubiquity of lights to embed additional sensors and communication technologies ensures consistent, dense and precise coverage of space as well as continuous connectivity to people.
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Right Time - Continued enhanced building and business value
Atrius™-Ready products not only offer immediate energy saving opportunities but also provide for continued enhanced building and business value with the sensory network data needed to enable IoT services.
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Right Partners – Providing business solutions together
Atrius IoT Partners expertly deliver tailored mobile applications and business intelligence solutions, creating rich experiences for your customers.

Atrius IoT Solutions 

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iot technology, IoT Framework

Sensory Network

A scalable, location-aware technology infrastructure
Iiot technology, IoT Framework

Platform Services

Distributed software services from the edge to the cloud
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Integrated Solutions

Integrated IoT Solutions from Atrius and Partners for your business

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Together we develop and deploy custom IoT solutions for your business.


What can Atrius do for me?

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Whether you're a lighting designer, building owner or developer, get a custom assessment of how Atrius IoT solutions and Atrius™-Ready products can help you achieve your building and business needs.