Case Study Details

LOCATION: Menlo Park, CA


Tishman Speyer upgrades high-pressure sodium area lighting with Lithonia Lighting D-Series LED Lighting and Controls to deliver significant energy and maintenance savings and increased ROI.

Sitting in the shadow of the Menlo Park laboratory where Thomas Edison created and patented devices for electric light, Tishman Speyer found LED lighting a tool to reduce energy and maintenance costs while ensuring quality illumination for its 3,000-space parking facility. The facility is comprised of a five-story, 2,560-space parking deck plus a 440-space surface lot used by workers in a corporate office park. The garage was previously illuminated by 175-watt metal halide (MH) luminaires with the surface lot illuminated by 250-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) luminaires.

Although the D-Series LED Parking Garage luminaires delivered significant savings out of the box, Tishman Speyer included a motion sensor on each fixture to further maximize the energy savings and life of the luminaire. The luminaires are programmed to dim light levels during unoccupied periods and operate at only 26 watts, a 34 percent reduction in power consumption.

The LED luminaires with motion sensors in the parking deck yield in a 40 percent reduction in energy consumption, earning Tishman Speyer a New Jersey Clean Energy rebate. The system also significantly reduces maintenance costs, with the LEDs lasting up to 10 times longer than comparable MH and HPS lamps. “It is not unreasonable to expect a three-and-a-half to four year payback based on the energy and maintenance savings,” Paulus said.

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