Case Study Details

LOCATION: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA


San Diego State University Takes First Step Toward LED Lighting

San Diego State University is the oldest and largest higher education institution in the San Diego region. Founded in 1897, the university has grown to become a nationally ranked research university. 

Due to the growing student population, the University decided to convert a 5,800-square-foot gymnasium into a 215-person lecture hall.  The project was initiated in early 2010 with a necessary completion date of July 1, 2010.  

“With such a short timeline, we raced into action,” said architect Jeffrey Herr, physical plant department, San Diego State University. Herr turned to Lithonia Lighting because of its advanced knowledge of LED lighting and its reputation for delivering on its promise. 

The University installed more than 80 Lithonia Lighting RTLEDs for the general ambient lighting and 30 DOM8 LEDs for downlighting.  To support the LED lighting, the University specified Acuity Brands lighting controls as part of the system. 

“The difference or variation required in light levels during classes and presentations is always a concern for our instructional technology staff,” said Herr. “After some assistance from Lithonia Lighting and Acuity Brands, we were able to ensure the controls performed effectively.”  

LEDs Smart Choice for Learning Space Design 
Lithonia Lighting RTLEDs were able to solve Dr. Frazee’s key challenges.  “The LEDs were amazing and helped bring warmth to the space that had no natural light. The Acuity Brands controls simplified the complicated light systems that previously had up to 12 switches in some classrooms.” 

Herr admits he was impressed the first time the lecture hall was lit with the new lighting system, “The first day we turned on the lights 100 percent, they were so bright it was astounding.  We were all in awe.”