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eldoLED is the world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent LED driver solutions for digital lighting systems.

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Being the leader in intelligent LED driver solutions is a reflection of our passion for making lighting that is more than simply efficient. Our lighting systems create beautiful, comfortable and predictable performance in the spaces that people live, work and learn.

eldoLED is the leading LED driver technology in the lighting industry with superior system performance, innovative features and the widest range of power levels available.

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The Importance of the LED Driver

Achieving the optimal performance from a digital lighting system begins with using a high-quality LED driver. Like the processor in a computer, the driver is the heart of a digital LED system, determining how a luminaire performs. It regulates the signal used to control and dim the LED. Being able to specify its performance puts the power of perfection in your hands. Emulating the most desirable characteristics of natural and artificial light sources — such as smooth, stable and deep dimming, color consistency and the ability to tune — is critical to enhancing your ability to create a superior visual experience, all while minimizing energy consumption.


Natural Dimming

Natural dimming is characterized by the attainment of stable, deep dimming and smooth, flicker-free performance.

eldoLED Driver Advantages:

  • Maintains continuous perceived change of brightness between minimum dimming level and 100% 
  • Flicker-free LED driver/luminaire performance to aid in meeting IEEE PAR1789 standard
  • Natural dimming LED driver with smooth and flicker-free deep dimming performance
  • Continuous dimming-to-dark options from 100% to 0.1% and 0% relative light output that aids in meeting code compliance
  • Support for multiple control interfaces (0-10V and/or DMX)
  • Critical technology to implement Atrius™ IoT services, such as visible light communication required for enabling indoor positioning services with Atrius Navigator
  • Key component enabling Mainstream Dynamic™ features — such as Tunable White, Architainment Color, WarmDim®, Grayscale and Color Accent — increasing the range of design possibilities 
  • A full range of power levels available to create a beautiful environment with comfortable and predictable performance in the spaces that people live, work and learn
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