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EZY Curb™ for R Panel Roofs

Modular Skylight Mounting Systems

The EZY Curb™ Daylighting System from Sunoptics® is an innovative, cost effective, modular curb system designed specifically for R-Panel metal roofs. It allows for easy one-for-one replacement of inefficient, low-performing fiberglass panels. Compared to a traditional metal-curb system, EZY Curb cuts installation time in half, and can be installed by a licensed roofer. See how EZY Curb can work for you!


Why Upgrade from Fiberglass Panels?

Fiberglass panels present the following challenges:

  • Prone to leaking that can result in higher maintenance costs and product damage
  • Discolor easily, limiting access to usable natural light over time
  • Without fall protection installed, are a fall-through hazard creating undesired liability
  • Provide limited resistance to storms and hail
  • Limited insulation qualities for the roof system, leading to HVAC losses
  • New panels create glare with little diffusion and hot spots
  • Negatively impacts use of daylight harvesting strategies

EZY Curb – The Easy Solution

EZYSA – Stand-alone Fiberglass Replacement System

  • Primary use: One-for-one replacement of existing fiberglass panels or, to install new skylights on existing R-Panel metal roofs
  • Available in 10’ runs
  • Easily installed by a roofer

EZYCS – Continuous-run Daylighting System

  • Primary use: on new metal-roof systems*
  • Use in lieu of fiberglass panels, or to provide daylighting at a lower cost than traditional curb-based products

*Available via turn-key installation through authorized contractor

R-PANEL Profile

Sunoptics EZY Curb R-Panel Diagram graphic


EZY Curb System Features

  • Sunoptics Signature Series (SIG) skylights which feature high-performance prismatic optics
  • More usable light over fiberglass panels, while eliminating hot spots, glare and UV damage
  • Material durability using polycarbonate or impact-modified acrylic
  • High-profile design is more visible on roofs
  • Easy 3-step installation process
  • High-quality steel components
  • Supports daylight harvesting

Get to Know EZY Curb

Installation is as EZY as 1-2-3

Step 1:
Remove the center bay panel

Sunoptics EZY Curb install step 1a

Sunoptics EZY Curb install step 1b

Step 2:
Install EZY Curb™ Mounting system

Sunoptics EZY Curb install step 2a

Sunoptics EZY Curb install step 2b

Step 3:
Install the Sunoptics® skylight

Sunoptics EZY Curb install step 3a

Sunoptics EZY Curb install step 3b

EZY Curb™ Product Pages:

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