Round Tapered Aluminum Poles

Non-Decorative Poles

For City Streets, Parking Lots, Campuses, Commercial Developments, Plazas, Historic Districts, Village Squares, Residential Areas, Parks, Walkways, Boulevards, and Roadways.

Pole shaft is one piece, 6063 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to a T6 temper. Pole base shall be 356 or A356 aluminum alloy, heat-treated to a T6 temper after welding. Hand hole is 2” x 4” minimum, cover and fasteners are included. Nut covers shall be provided as standard. Finish shall match pole non-structural fasteners shall be stainless steel. The following are product attributes:

Anodized, painted, or satin brush finish. Painted poles shall be semi-gloss powder paint; Grounding provision shall be immediately accessible through hand hole, 3/8-16 threads; Steel anchor bolts shall be per AASHTO M314 or ASTM F 1554 – Grade 55, hot dip galvanized. Nuts and washers shall be per AASHTO M314-90 or ASTM F 1554 – hot dip galvanized

Listings: Round Tapered Aluminum poles shall be fabricated to meet AASHTO 1994 requirements. Welds conform to applicable AWS structural welding code.

Product overview and specifications
Brand Name Holophane
Environment Outdoor
Mounting Type Anchor Based, Pole
Product Type Pole
Series AORTA0840C, AORTA1040C, AORTA1050C, AORTA1240C, AORTA1250C, AORTA1250E, AORTA1250G, AORTA1440C, AORTA1450C, AORTA1450E, AORTA1450G, AORTA1640C, AORTA1650C, AORTA1650E, AORTA1650G, AORTA1850C, AORTA1850E, AORTA1850G, AORTA2050C, AORTA2050G, AORTA2060G, AORTA2070E, AORTA2560E, AORTA2570E, AORTA2580E, AORTA2580G, AORTA3010G, AORTA3070E, AORTA3080E, AORTA3080G, AORTA3510G, AORTA3580E, AORTA3580G, AORTA3580J, AORTA3910G, AORTA3910J, AORTA3980G, AORTA3980J, AORTS2065B, AORTS2559B, AORTS2570B, AORTS2570F, AORTS3066B, AORTS3080B, AORTS3080F, AORTS3573B, AORTS3585B, AORTS3595B, AORTS3978B, AORTS3990B, AORTS3990F, AORTS4510B, AORTS4510F, AORTS5010B, AORTS5010F, RTA0840C, RTA1040C, RTA1050C, RTA1240C, RTA1250C, RTA1250E, RTA1250G, RTA1440C, RTA1450C, RTA1450E, RTA1450G, RTA1640C, RTA1650C, RTA1650E, RTA1650G, RTA1850C, RTA1850E, RTA1850G, RTA2050C, RTA2050G, RTA2060G, RTA2070E, RTA2560E, RTA2570E, RTA2580E, RTA2580G, RTA3010G, RTA3070E, RTA3080E, RTA3080G, RTA3510G, RTA3580E, RTA3580G, RTA3580J, RTA3910G, RTA3910J, RTA3980G, RTA3980J
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